Iowa State vs. Nebraska Postgame Quotebook

Cyclone players and coaches reflect on 36-14 victory over Nebraska.

Dan McCarney:

"It's a great feeling. I'm happy for Iowa State, this whole University and our program, the kids and coaches. These kids are so classy and there is so much character and courage. Our kids really played to win and not to hang on and not get beat. They really played to win from the first snap to last."

"My heart just breaks for Luke Vander Sanden. It's the only negative of the day. He broke his other leg, a bone in his lower leg, and will probably have surgery in the next day or two. It just breaks my heart. He's got more courage than anybody on our football team. Hopefully if we're lucky enough to win some more games and go to postseason play, he'll get back for that."

"I thought it was just a tremendous effort and great team win. I don't think there is any one person that won this game today. I thought it was a real complete victory. I'm really proud of my kids and coaches. We've come a long ways and have a long ways to go. These are the kind of games if we're going to take it to the next level, these are the kind of wins that you need to start getting."

"I think they played outstanding. Our kids were just not going to be denied today. Whatever it took to win that game, they just refused to lose and that's the way they played."

"We couldn't run the ball against Iowa and Troy State, but we rushed for almost 200 yards today against a real fine defensive front."

"Seneca was outstanding again and made real fine plays."

on tough play in trenches:

"I thought we played really physical and our defense hit about as good as we have since I've been here. I thought they fit great where they needed to, we had a lot of big plays, they attacked the ball and ball carriers. Our offensive line obviously did a great job."

"A lot of this goes right back to the first game of the year. We could have gone one of two ways, tuck your tail and go run and hide when you're getting smoked, or put your heads and hearts together, stand tall and go somewhere special. That's what we've done since that day."

on defensive strategy against Huskers:

"We played our defense. John Skladany, our coordinator, and defensive staff had a great scheme together, but it wasn't anything a lot different than we've been doing. I felt we played aggressive, got a lot of good penetration and were real good tacklers. When we have problems a lot of times there is a lot of yards after contact, but I didn't see a lot of yards after contact. We were getting first, second and third guys to the ball and getting him down. That sure made a difference."

on offensive controlling clock:

"I think we ended up a major advantage in time of possession and had about 25 more plays from the line of scrimmage. You always put yourself in the position to win games if we can do that. That goes right back to our ability to play defense and run the football. That usually always does a good job of equating to time of possession."

on play of Lane Danielsen:

"He's just a special player. I have not seen a receiver in our league that's more consistent. It's the same Lane Danielsen every week. He runs great routes, is consistent, tough, physical and has good speed. He can beat you short or long, but he's always working to get extra plays and yardage. He's outstanding."

on how ISU has turned tables against Nebraska:

"We didn't come out with a whole bunch of new plays and schemes. We challenged our kids to play physical in the line of scrimmage. We've been pummeled by Nebraska the last seven years, because we've been mauled in the line of scrimmage. We didn't get mauled today. Our defensive front, front seven, offensive line and tight ends looked very physical out there. We continued to make a lot of improvement in the program, with recruiting, developing and strength and conditioning. That all adds up to improving your program."

thoughts on beating ranked team:

"It's another negative that's been stopped. We start a new positive. We have broken a lot of barriers. There is a lot more out there for us to do. We know that. We are still in the midst of playing the toughest schedule in the history of Iowa State. I'm just really happy for these kids and coaches. We understand how we got here and will never forget it."

on play of Nick Leaders:

"We think he's a tremendous player. He's heart, toughness, courage, from the old school and brings his lunch pail to work and rolls his sleeves up. Where's the next snap? Where's the next alignment? Who's the next team? He's a special player. He's a phenomenal young man. Can you imagine being 18 years old and going out there and doing the things that he's done at what's physically the toughest position to play on any field? He does it against Florida State, Iowa and Nebraska. He's an amazing young man."

on play of Seneca Wallace: "I thought he was really outstanding. Even though he turned it over and we'd like to have some throws back, he has the knack for making big plays in critical times on critical downs. His arm was strong and he made a lot of real good plays. He scored three touchdowns, but the team is more important than anything for Seneca."

on success of ISU tailbacks:

"We can win with them both, but Wags made some big runs and got the hot hand. He was making some real big runs. We can win with both backs and can win with the third one, but didn't get the chance to get him in much."

on post-game mob of people around him:

"It can get a little dangerous, but I'll try and fight my way out of that danger anytime. It was a great feeling and great emotions. I'm just happy for the Iowa State fans. That's the best environment that I've ever had here at Iowa State in a game."

Mike Wagner:

"I'm feeling great. You dream about it as a little kid and I never thought I'd be on the team that beat Nebraska. We stood up to the challenge today. Everyone was talking about beating the big team and we beat the big team today. Right now it's just an emotional high. I don't know to feel, maybe I'll feel some tomorrow."

"Last year week we weren't able to run the ball that much and it puts us one dimensional. This week we were two-dimensional. They had to cover two sides of our offense and I think that gave them more of a struggle. That helped us out a lot more and now we've got confidence in our run game."

Zach Butler:

"In the Big 12 that's what it's all about. If you can run the ball, you're going to win games. If you can shut down their running game, you're going to win games. We're really happy with our performance as an offensive line."

Seneca Wallace:

"We wanted to go out there and cut down mistakes. We were trying to keep the ball moving and score some points. We're going to play this year and put Iowa State football on the map."

Brandon Brown:

"We did what we were supposed to do and it showed. In other games we had some mistakes, but I think we played a good game and played harder than we've ever played. That showed. We got a lot of reps on practice. It was a lot of mental stuff. We knew we could do it physically, but have to do it mentally. We kind of knew it was coming. When we saw it, we knew where we had to be."

Matt Word:

"We saw it all week in the newspapers, we saw it everywhere. It was up on the walls. When somebody is taking shots at your family and everything like that, you've got to step up and become a man and go out there and fight back. We were the most aggressive team out there today, definitely."

"This is the biggest win since I've been here. I just thank the Lord for getting this victory. We went out there and played our hardest. Nebraska has been slapping us around the past few years and we knew that to get our program to the next level we've got to beat teams like this."

"I think everybody thought this was going to be a real close game, but I knew we had the potential to go out there and dominate the game. It was just a matter of everybody fitting where they needed to fit and making plays. We did that today."

Cale Stubbe:

"This year it wasn't the case of them being bigger, stronger and faster in every position. We had some guys that could hang with them, which was different from the past."

Lane Danielsen:

"It feels good. Hopefully now we can get some nice respect around the country, that we can beat top 25 teams."

"As receivers we're going to go in there and try to make plays. Big plays are few and far between in a football game. As receivers we want to go in there and make as many as possible, because that's a momentum shift in the game."

"They were bringing a lot of man and soft man. They weren't coming up and bugging us. We just came out as receivers and beat the DBs one on one and Seneca got us the ball."

"Going into it I expected victory. I thought we were the better team. There was never a point in the game that I thought we were going to lose."

"Early in the season we had been struggling starting fast. But we knew going in that if we started fast and got up on Nebraska, it's hard on them to come back because of their lack of a passing game. We wanted to get up on them quick and make them try to play catchup the rest of the game."

"It's a dream come true to beat Iowa and Nebraska in the same year. It feels great."

"That's our ultimate team goal right now. We're going to try to win every Saturday and get to that goal. We've got a bye week now and Texas Tech up next."

Defensive coordinator John Skladany:

"It was a matter of us being physical. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Our defensive front was attacking the line of scrimmage and our linebackers were fitting. The biggest thing to stopping these guys, if you're going to be option sound, you need to match them with bodies and be physical when you go to do it. That's what happened today. We executed and were where we were supposed to be, but we did it with some authority."

"I've been proud of our defense this year. We took another step forward and played even more physical with more toughness. We're getting there."

"The way it's been with Nebraska is that they're going to come out, try to slam the ball at you and beat you up. We challenged our players that if we could stop them from gashing us play after play and get our offense on the field with a chance to move the ball, that we've got a good shot at winning the game."

"After those first three plays, I felt that we had a good shot today. They tried to power us right off the bat and it was nothing, nothing, nothing, and I said we could hang with them now. It just kept going and going from there."

"We play our best defense when we're over there and watching our offense. We like that the best. That's when we're really at our best. We were getting some stops and three-and-outs to get off the field. Then the offense was consistently driving the football and winning the time of possession battle. It was a complete team victory."

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