Wallace Franklin Q&A

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CN: Now, what made you decide to come to Iowa State? We know you were a highly sought-after prospect. What made you finally decide to come play for Coach Chizik?

WF: Uh . . . he's a winning coach, and he's used to winning from when he was at Auburn. He recruited out of high school when he was at Auburn, I knew he was a good coach. I weighed my options after my visits. I liked Iowa State, the facilities, the coaches and the players. Plus I knew one of the players here, he's from Beaumont, too, he's from my high school, and I narrowed down my decision and I just thought it was the best place for me to go.

CN: Now, you had a chance to work with Coach Sheppard in the strength and conditioning program over the summer. What was that experience like?

WF: That was a good experience, it was very good. He got me ‘way stronger than I was, and he had me . . . I was doing things I never did, and . . . it was a good thing to do with him.

CN: Now, you were already fast before. Milan the other day, said you run like you have a wind behind you. But have you gotten faster since you've arrived here?

WF: Yes, I actually have got faster. I feel I've got faster and stronger, and I have more confidence in my speed now , by working with Coach Shep, lifting weights and . . . he got me stronger in all the forms . . . and it helped me out more.

CN: This may be the most talented unit on the team, the wide receiver corps. What's the competition been like so far?

WF: Uh . . . competition's hard. You have all the receivers are good, like you have Todd, you have R.J. Sumrall, you have Moses. You've got a lot of receivers, a lot of receivers good in different ways. You've got the speed, the size, the hands, the good route-runners. So it's all hard, it's going to narrow down to whoever wants it the most.

CN: Now as practice has begun, what are the coaches stressing the most to you-all at that position?

WF: At that position, just focusing down and do as a receiver corps, blocking, catching the ball, running good routes, lining up right and doing things we need to do.

CN: Now, you've had a chance to see the linemen up close. What's your impression of the line so far, and how hard these guys have been working them, and what do you expect of them this season?

WF: The linemen are working real hard. They're working hard together, they're improving each day, they're working hard in the weight room. I've seen a lot of them that are really strong. Like, seeing some of them lift weights, I was like "Dang, I'd never be lifting nothing like that!" And they're strong; I think they're really good. I think they're going to be real good this year, and surprise everybody from people downing them.

CN: Finally, give your impression of . . . actually a couple more questions. The quarterback position. Obviously this program has sent guys to the NFL, so talk about Bret and Austen and Phillip.

WF: Uh yes, Bret, he's an outstanding quarterback. He can run, he can throw the ball, he's mobile, he can do all kinds of things. He's got touch, he has arm, he has accuracy. He's a great quarterback; he's outstanding. And then you have Arnaud, he has an awesome arm, he has a strong arm. He throws the deep ball very well and he's smart. He's just kind of learning the game right now. Then you have Phillip. He's young, strong arm, big nice-size frame and he has speed as well.

CN: Final question. How are the newcomers meshing with the team right now?

WF: So far, I feel we're all doing good. We're just sitting here trying to learn the plays, learn the offenses and defenses, and just trying to be part of the team and help out as much as we can, to win.

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