Reggie Stephens Q&A

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CN: Now, the offensive line is where a lot of the eyes are looking. You had a good spring, but talk about what happened between the end of spring ball and the beginning of practice, in terms of the strength and conditioning program.

RS: Uh . . . there was a lot of hard work, there was a lot of rough mornings, a lot of hot afternoons, sweating and grinding away in the weight room. It was just a lot of hard work, trying to get to where we are right now.

CN: So talk about the progress you made, specifically in terms of where your body is, body fat, strength, and then also speed. Talk about how those things came along.

RS: Well, there was a lot of people that made a lot of progression over the summer. I'm not really sure in terms of pounds and stuff. I know a lot of people changed their body fat, changed their body, and just working to get better any way they could this summer.

CN: And Reggie Stephens . . . how'd he do?

RS: He did alright; he did alright.

CN: So are you stronger?

RS: Yes, a lot of strength gains as far as bench-pressing, squatting . . . numbers really aren't that important in terms of when you get on the field, but there's a lot of strength gains.

CN: So how did you do in terms of speed gains. We know that's a priority of this program. How much faster are you now than before?

RS: It's important for guards to be able to get out on the flat, and so, quick bursts, a lot of acceleration. I think I improved a lot in that area.

CN: Now as a unit, you guys finally had a chance to put on the pads. How physical was it, the last couple days?

RS: It was a physical first day. We got out there and right away we had to field goal block, extra point, so it was a lot of hitting down in the trenches, we had a lot of little one-on-one battles with the D-line and stuff like that. It was a pretty tough, physical day for the first day.

CN: So, did you guys dominate them, they dominate you, or was it a stalemate?

RS: We'll call it even for the first day. We've got 26 more days we can talk about it, but It was even the first day.

CN: Now, who are you going up against in practice?

RS: Normally in 3-techniques, Chris Weir, Austin Alburtis, Bryce Braaksma, those guys.

CN: How are you holding your own against them?

RS: Uh . . . I think I can say I'm holding my own against all of them. Everybody's really working hard to get better, and technique-wise . . . these are my teammates. I'm not trying to dominate those guys, but just try to get better every day on technique.

CN: Give us . . . how is the competition working out at this position? There are a lot of linemen in here. How excited are guys about the chance to play, and how intense is it even within the unit?

RS: I believe there's competition at all five positions. Everybody's working hard to push the number one, to push the number two, to try and take that spot over, so it's exciting to get competition in the room, in the offensive line room, again.

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