Michael Bibbs Q&A

If you missed the audio of this recent conversation check out the transcript!

CN: Now, Coach Farrar talked a lot about you last spring, and how he had sort of discovered you. Talk about why you made the decision to come to Iowa State and what's your impression been so far?

Bibbs: You know, because of my visit, made me feel like family and, you know, throughout my recruitment, that's what I always wanted to be around, family and a team that made me feel like family. And I feel like I'm coming along because, I just love the team, just like my surroundings, and practice, you know, to get better.

CN: Now you had a nice interception the other day. Talk about what it's been like playing with these guys, and how you're fitting into the team.

Bibbs: There was . . . it's helped me better myself as I pay attention and learn the game, you know it's still . . . it's like brand-new to me, so I'm just catching on fast, so whatever happens it's a blessing, you know what I'm saying, to stay with it and practice.

CN: Now talk about your experience with Coach Sheppard this summer.

Bibbs: Um . . . I mean, I love him, you know. That's one of the reasons I'm more stronger, physical, faster, you know. I mean . . . it's just a better me, as a better body.

CN: So what are the keys going to be in order to break into that starting unit and really learn this position?

Bibbs: Well, pretty much, whether I break into the starter unit or not, I'm going to build up off the first screen, no matter if I start or not, I'm going to just be a hard-working player, regardless.

CN: Now, we've heard a lot about your speed. What do you think your key attributes are, and what do you bring to this team?

Bibbs: Um . . . I guess whatever else a . . . player brings to the team. Excitement and happiness, family . . . and trust. That's what I feel like I bring to the team.

CN: What's it been like to . . . what's Ace been like? I believe you guys are roommates, aren't you?

Bibbs: Yes.

CN: What's Ace been like?

Bibbs: Like a brother to me, that's it . . . he teaches me.

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