Bret Culbertson Q&A

Here's the trancript of our recent audio interview with ISU's senior kicker.

CN: First of all, do they have specific kicking coaches?

BC: Coach Boulware, he's the closest we have to a kicking coach, and he's studied up on this stuff, so he gives us pointers every now and then . . .

CN: So what are the key things then that he's focusing on in terms of helping to develop the kicking squad and you specifically?

BC: Me specifically, he's asked me to try to focus in the weight room, basically trying to strengthen my leg a little more, try to get a little more distance on the ball, and consistency. He's a big consistency guy.

CN: Now, we saw you at practice with the yellow band on. How's that helping?

BC: Good, actually. I just started doing it for two-a-days, so hopefully it'll give me some extra leg strength.

CN: Now, the conditioning program, I know that you guys have had to do basically the same thing as the team. Has that helped any in terms of . . . just your ability to kick, stay fresh? What's been the impact of the conditioning program on your kicking game?

BC: I do believe it has had an impact, because to be a kicker, my philosophy is you have to be an athlete first.

CN: One of the things that I noticed, looking at the pictures from the first day of spring practice in this building, to the last day of open practice Thursday, you can tell the physical difference, particularly in the arms, the legs, the thighs, the calves. You know, for a kicker, how much have you developed in terms of additional weight and stuff, and what's been the impact of that?

BC: Um . . . just strength. Takes us back to leg strength again, you know, that's mainly what I've been trying to work on this summer. And I mean, strength isn't going to hurt you at all in any aspect, so . . .

CN: What did you learn in the camp you went to a couple weeks ago? I know you had mentioned you were heading out when I interviewed you then. What did you learn and how much do you think it'll help you this season?

BC: The camp I went to, Kohl's Elite Camp, was basically a big competition against a lot of D-I kickers, D-I and D-II kickers around the nation. And, you know, we'd go out, they'd film us, we'd come in and have, like, intensive classroom work, looking at your form, and they'd suggest things, and then we'd go out and try it again. And a lot of things that I worked on at that camp were kickoffs, just getting more into kickoffs, getting my hips around, and . . . that's about it.

CN: So then, what are your thoughts about the fact that they're moving the ball back? I mean, it may sound like a little bit but it's going to change the game. So what are your thoughts in terms of the fact you're going to have to either kick it a little further, or there are going to be some more run-backs?

BC: I say bring on the challenge. They just moved the tee height down last year and this year they're moving the kickoff back. Uh . . . bring it on.

CN: You going to be able to put it out of the end zone?

BC: I'll give it my best shot.

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