Allen Bell Q&A

Big things have been expected from Allen Bell since National Signing Day, when ISU coaches made it clear he was one player they were expecting to challenge for immediate playing time. And so far the JUCO transfer has lived up to his advanced billing.

Q:  You getting any kind of break from this heat today or do you guys got to go full out all the time still?


Bell:  All out all the time.  100%.


Q:  You guys holding out pretty well?


Bell:  Yeah, two-a-days are pretty tough, but you gotta go what you gotta do.  You gotta do what it takes.


Q:  Talk about the defense as a whole and where everybody stands.  Can you see some change from a week and a half-two weeks ago?


Bell:  There's a whole lot of change in the defense even from me.  I came from nothing to a little bit of something right now.  I'm trying to get better every day.  It's a big difference from the first two-a-days to right now. 


Q:  Where do you see those differences most?


Bell:  Everywhere.  From a lot of the new guys picking up on stuff and the old guys getting back into it.  It's all on the up and up.


Q:  Media day you talked about the changes going from JUCO o this program.  Talk about where do you see yourself right now in terms of the ones, the twos…


Bell:  Right now I'm in the second group, but I'm still learning.  It's still a lot of competition for who's going to start on August 30th.  I'm just as much in it as anyone else.  As long as I can keep getting better and better, I hope by that time I'll be where I want to be.


Q:  Who right now on the defensive backs, who's lining up for the ones and who's lining up for the twos?


Bell:  Same as from the beginning of camp. 


Q:  Have you been able to pick it up quickly since summer got done and camp started?


Bell:  I think they gave me the first week or so to make my little mistakes, but I think now it's all just playing now.  I know pretty much everything.  I just got to put it all together on the field and improve technique.


Q:  So, you got a week and now you're expected to know it?


Bell:  Yes.  This is Division 1 football.  You've just got to do it.


Q:  Can you see the difference between JUCO and D1?


Bell:  It's more technical here.  At JUCO they tell you what to do…where to be.  Here they tell you how to get to where you've got to be and what you've got to do when you get there.  How you're going to step when you're stepping.  It's a whole lot easier though when you do it the right way.


Q:  How physical was the scrimmage on Saturday?


Bell:  It's always physical…whether we go full pads or half pads…it's always physical.  The scrimmage was to.  Nobody out there is going half speed.  It's 100% all the time.


Q:  You mentioned going against the receivers would help you guys develop into a better defensive back field.  What's it like going against this receiver core day in and day out?


Bell:  It's a challenge because they're getting a whole lot better.  If I'm not progressing, and they are, it's harder and harder every day.  I'm ready for it.


Q:  What's it like trying to stop Todd and guarding Wallace? 


Bell:  I like our receiver core because there's so much difference.  You get 6'5" with Blythe and 4'2" with Wallace.  You get so much variety in there you've got to change up and play different for everybody.  It's good preparation for the season.


Q:  Is this a little bit exhausting? 


Bell:  It's tiring from being up from 7am to 10pm, but….


Q:  It'll be a relief when classes start?


Bell:  Football is tiring, but it's not bad when you get into the routine.


Q:  How are the linebackers looking like back there? 


Bell:  They look good.  It's always good to be out there when they're out there.  All you have to do is focus on a receiver.  Bibbs is in the same boat I am, trying to learn everything.  They're all playing.


Q:  We heard a lot about JJ and I know they focus on the run during the scrimmage.  How did he look out there on the field?


Bell:  He looked good, but all of them looked good.  They're all dangerous. 

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