Scott Fountain Q&A

If you missed the recent audio check out the transcript below.

Q: How was your first practice after your scrimmage?

Fountain: I think it would good. We got the kinks out and got the opportunity to make a lot of corrections. This afternoon was good and we'll come back tomorrow. This morning we tried to make it a pass and outside run day. We'll try to come back this afternoon and go back and hit our "Iso's" and plays that are downhill and of course keep our running game and outside game and passing game and going as well.

Q: What were the pluses and minuses from the scrimmage after you watched it?

Fountain: The biggest thing we saw and Coach Chizik kind of harped on it after the scrimmage was that the people competed in the scrimmage. That's what we wanted to see…kids that showed up ready to play. We tried to make it as game atmosphere as we could. That was a big positive the whole day.

Q: What are you doing with your guys specifically…your position group? Have you started settling anything there?

Fountain: We're trying to. We've got a couple guys banged up there and that's kind of a young position for us. We do have some older guys there that are struggling with some injuries, but I feel that that's a position that probably after Saturday we'll settle on three guys. We're getting close and it's starting to come together for us. I want to get two really good scrimmages and then we'll get them in a good pecking order after that.

Q: I'm still trying to figure out the difference between your tight ends and your fullbacks.

Fountain: We want to have the kind of bodies here that can do both for us. It just gives us so much more flexibility on offense.

Q: Who can you speak to…I think Ben Barkema would be up there…who most can you speak of?

Fountain: Ben Barkema would be up there. He's one of the most experienced players on the team. That position has a lot of thought process. (tape fades in and out)

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: I think, first of all, that tight ends probably have the toughest job on the field in terms of they have to do the pass block, the run block and they also have to be skinny and go catch a pass. That's the thing that those guys have to learn to do. But, in an offense, after you get out of practice and get in a blitz period you realize that you're really struggling with your passes so that's something you have to go back and work on. You just have to be a really balanced player and do a lot of things. They're adjusting well, but we have to go back and focus on the little things.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: ….He's a kid that's picked up on assignments very well. He's got a long ways to go on technique, but he does know what to do on most plays and I've been very surprised on how he has picked up on offense as well as he has.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: I think it will be used quite a bit. Coach McFarland is the type of guy that likes to use those guys. You'll see them on the field quite a bit.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: He does very well on the pass game and runs really good routes. Routes comparable to some receivers we have, but his area of weakness is learning the run block. We're going to give him a few more days and we might play him this year and we may not. We feel he's a guy that will be a very special player for us in the future.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: We've tried that group of guys together. When you're a fullback playing tight end it can be tough. When you're a tight end playing fullback it can be tough, but they're one in the same…they've got to learn to play both. Sometimes a fullback that's maybe a short arm guy is going to have a tough time on the line whereas a tight end can get in the backfield and do things that a fullback does. It's probably tougher for a fullback to put his hand down, but it's easier for a tight end to make the transition to fullback.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: He's got a chance. We're kind of set as scrimmages go for Saturday. If we played tomorrow with Andrews and stuff, he'd be a guy that we could count on.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: It was a very physical scrimmage and they really came to play. Hopefully we'll get that again Saturday at our next scrimmage and go from there. But, we were really pleased with that.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: I definitely know our kids have gotten stronger and they're in great shape. We've seen that in the scrimmage and in the practices that they're pushing through being tired and pushing through their injuries.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: The biggest thing I've been pleased with is that I've seen a big improvement with attention to details. A lot of that has been in the weight room and being demanding there and doing things right. Also, a bigger, faster, stronger kid brings those things to the table.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: We'll definitely use our fullbacks and tight ends. You'll see them more in the run block pass game more than getting the ball, but they'll definitely have opportunities to touch the ball.

Q: ….give us an overall assessment of how you see the offense right now.

Fountain: We've had an opportunity to fill some plugs. Some of those guys we feel like will be in a starting roll for us. More than anything, if a guy isn't in a starting roll, he's made us better at that position. I think you'll see all those guys on the field in some aspect this fall.

Q: (tape out)

Fountain: They're working hard. Moving Lamaak over from tight end to tackle was a big help to us in that position. There's not a lot of depth to that position. That's a position that I think you'll see get better and better with the freshmen brought in. But, a lot of times a freshman at that position just isn't ready to play.

Q: The running game. Coach Chizik the other day said this team will run the ball…run 1000 yard rush…something that Iowa State used to have and then they lost. Can you give us your assessment of Jason, Jason, JJ, and Cameron?

Fountain: Right now, we've been really pleased with the progress we've made. We kind of came out of spring ball concerned with that position. We filled out with some of the backs we have. There's at least some competition there and you know with competition the guys are getting better. Who will be our guy right now is wide open and when we scrimmage this Saturday and maybe into next week, maybe that will kind of open up who will be our guy. Right now, we're repping them all equally to see who will step up and be our guy. You definitely will see a better running back there than what we had in the spring.

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