J.J. Bass Q&A

If you missed the audio of this recent interview here's the transcript.


Bass: I'm just going to try to get better every day and we'll see how it comes out.

Q: What do you think your production will be like this season?

Bass: I can't predict anything right now, but I'm going to keep working hard and we'll see.

Q: What is it about you that's going to make you successful this year?

Bass: Believing in my teammates and working hard. Just listening to everything that Coach tells us.

Q: How would you describe Coach Chizik's personality?

Bass: He's a good guy, but very straight forward. He demands that you work hard. I think that's better for the team in the long run.

Q: What did you think when they handed you that playbook?

Bass: It wasn't really too complicated. I just have to study it every night and I think we'll be fine.

Q: In your practices, how much are you thinking about hitting a hole and going?

Bass: I just kind of got to get in there and not second guess myself…believe in myself and just doing it.

Q: What's it like to arrive on campus and be "the guy?"

Bass: I'm here to work hard and do my thing.

Q: Do you have a sense of where you are in the depth chart right now? Do you expect to be the number one guy by the time the season starts?

Bass: That's definitely a goal of mine, but I'm leaving it in the coaches' hands and seeing where it goes from there.

Q: You have 2 years?

Bass: Yes, I'll be a junior this year.

Q: No time to waste, huh?

Bass: No…no time to waste so let's get at it.

Q: Being a Florida kid and then going to community college in California, are you prepared to carry the ball in 20 degree weather here in Iowa?

Bass: I love college football so get me anywhere where I can play it, and that's how we're going to do it.

Q: Do you describe yourself as more of a between-the-tackles guy or a right-through the hole?

Bass: I feel like I can do it all…go outside…go inside…whatever it's going to take.

Q: What have the coaches been hammering home for you to improve?

Bass: Just the plays…learning the plays and being out here and being more with the team.

Q: How's the offensive line?

Bass: The offensive line is great. They're working hard and those guys are the reason we'll be successful this year.

Q: Had you signed out of high school to NC State?

Bass: Yes.

Q: What happened there…was there a change?

Bass: I didn't qualify out of high school so I had to do that junior college thing. Everything happens for a reason. It is what it is.

Q: What led you to criss-cross across the country?

Bass: There are no junior colleges in Florida that have football teams so my coach at NC State helped me out. I looked at a few and decided to go to California. The junior college out there was top in the country so I didn't make a bad choice.

Q: All that you've been through, does that make this fall what you've been waiting for since high school?

Bass: I feel blessed and honored to be here. Just going through the whole junior college thing makes you hungrier. It really makes you appreciate being here, so I'm really appreciative of everything I have right now. I don't want to lose it so I'm going to work my butt off.

Q: What's it like walking in here and just settling in and we all know who you are? What's that like?

Bass: It's a really different aspect, but I love it. I'm excited to be here.

Q: You come in and your really highly ranked, when you talk to people there's almost a feeling of wait and see approach. Do you get the feeling that they're kind of…

Bass: I kind of try…I know what I can do and obviously the coaching staff knows what I can do. I'm just going to read my play book and run my plays and see what happens.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have to overcome? Is it the playbook? Is it a comfort zone?

Bass: Who works harder? Who comes out every day and is consistent? Whoever does the best job with that. I've got very good competition right now. I'm just trying to come out every day and keep working.

Q: Take me through this whole thing…being here right now? Do you think you've got "x" amount of carries to get in the room or…

Bass: It's kind of like who comes out on top…who's the number one guy…Coach is hammering away like he needs a guy that's going to carry a ball 20-25 times a game. It's like, who's going to be the man? We're pushing each other and we'll see who comes out on top.

Q: Another thing he stresses is versatility.

Bass: I can catch…I'm the all purpose back.

Q: So you went from Florida, to California, then here?

Bass: I'm here now and I definitely appreciate what I have and I'm definitely going to work hard.

Q: How did you tell Oregon State that you weren't going to go there?

Bass: That's the hardest thing I ever did. You know, I fell in love with the coaching staff here and my teammates. It made it that much easier.

Q: Was it a call to the head coach at Oregon State? The position coach? I mean, how does that work?

Bass: I called the guy that recruited me. It was kind of hard.

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