Ben Lamaak Q&A

Missed the audio? Then here's the transcript of that interview.

Q: Talk about the scrimmage today and how that went.

Lamaak: I think it went really well. I thought the offense looked really sharp for those first couple series'. We just got to put it all together and play a full game.

Q: Who was out there on the first play for the o-line? Then how did they work them in as far as integrating the twos?

Lamaak: Just for the first line, I think it was Doug Dedrick, Brandon Johnson for sure…I'm not too sure who played the other side. We just went reds and golds. I think the whites rotated in…I'm not really sure.

Q: So, who's running with the reds and the golds?

Lamaak: It kind of switches. We're all fighting for spots right now. It's been Dedrick, Hulbert, Schmeling, and Lee Tibbs, and Reggie Stephens, myself, Brandon Johnson, Mike Knapp…we're still working to find that five come game day.

Q: You had a chance to go up against the defensive line this scrimmage. How is the defensive line looking?

Lamaak: I think they're looking really good. I could tell from this year to last year that they're a lot more physical. They're faster and I think they're going to have a tremendous year.

Q: Moving over to the position. At what speed are you improving? Is it every day in practice you're amazed at how significantly…is it a gradual thing…adjustment to the position? Talk about the rate at which you're adjusting to moving from the end position.

Lamaak: I think at first I was improving a lot just from knowing stuff. Every day I've been trying to get better. Some of the blocks and some of the angles I've been taking…I'm just really working to make this team better.

Q: How effective or vocal is Bret in being leader of the offense? Talk about what he's like being your leader on the field in the QB position.

Lamaak: I think he's tremendous. I know I can count on him at any time. When it's a rough situation and his back's against a wall, he wants to lead us out of that. Over this fall and spring, I've started trusting him more and more as the days come. He's a really good leader.

Q: You left this spring and came back bigger. What did you go through this summer with Coach Shep? You gained weight, but did you lose body fat? How's your speed? Talk about those things.

Lamaak: The first thing I wanted to do was get bigger and stronger. We lifted four times a week and ran three times a week and I really concentrated on getting stronger. The physicality of the game increases that much. I think speed-wise…I've lost a little of the hop in my step, but not too much. I still consider myself halfway quick.

Q: How do you think your athleticism will help you in this position?

Lamaak: I think it helps a lot…having good feet. I think it will pay off…all the stuff I learned at tight end that will carry over to offensive line.

Q: Between now and the beginning of the season, what are the two or three things the coaches are really stressing to you guys that you need to work on?

Lamaak: Knowing the offense even more. I think we have it down, but there's still some flaws and just playing to the whistle…that's something they've harped on since we've been here…just finishing the play.

Q: In terms of the overall offensive unit, how are they feeling?

Lamaak: I think it showed today while we pounded the ball. I think the run game has really come along and that's really going to help us out and relieve our receivers…Bret Meyer…I think we come a long way and keep getting better.

Q: Off the field, we've seen some things in the past that have been disruptive at the beginning of the season. What are you all as a team doing to communicate to each other that you've got to maintain the off the field thing? How are you as a team policing yourselves to make sure that doesn't happen this year?

Lamaak: We try to learn from our past experiences and realize that people look up to us…we're role models for thousands of people that we don't even know about. Coach Chizik told us that time in and time out. But, we've always got to watch our back because we've got a target on our back…people are looking to get us in trouble. The team has really talked to each other about that…trying to be smart and looking out for one another and I think that shows.

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