Bryce Braaksma Q&A

Here's another transcript for those of you that missed the audio interview.

Q: In general, what are your thoughts on the defensive line so far?

Braaksma: We're working hard right now. We've got room for a lot of improvement, but Coach is getting us ready to go and we have to do some technique and get that down, but right now they have us working hard and in the right direction.

Q: How are you able specifically to overcome not being as big as a lot of guys in your position?

Braaksma: A lot of technique, staying low…using a lot of footwork. Taking all the teachings that Coach Belton's been giving us. It hurts against the run a little bit, but it helps against the pass…being a little quicker. It goes both ways.

Q: Your left and your right…who are the guys that you see most?

Braaksma: Schmeling, Blaze, Tibbs, Dedrick, Johnson…a lot of guys…they're rotating a lot of guys. The offensive line is looking good…they're quick. They're looking better.

Q: How close are you guys to getting the 2 deep on the defensive line that Coach Chizik has said is a priority?

Braaksma: They're still trying to figure that out. I'm sure after looking at the tape tonight, they'll have a better idea. We've got another scrimmage on Saturday, I believe. They won't make any final decisions until the very end, but I'm sure that after tonight they'll have a pretty good idea.

Q: Competition is very intense?

Braaksma: Yeah. Competition is good. That's what we need…no one has their spot in the bag. You need guys to be able to step up in case someone's down or to go in when someone's tired. Keep fresh guys on the field.

Q: What was the scrimmage out there like today? What did the offense do? How did they push you…did they use the run or mix it in? How did you all react to it?

Braaksma: They did a little of everything today… a lot of passes, a lot of the run, a little misdirecting, couple reverses here and there. Coach's play book is really diverse and he's keeping us on our toes…we really don't know what's coming next.

Q: Are you seeing the same play twice very often?

Braaksma: No. Not really. He keeps it pretty interesting. You don't really know what to expect…screens or what not.

Q: Who ran the ball today and from a defensive lineman's perspective, what did the running game look like out there?

Braaksma: They looked good. They've been running a lot of backs in there…Scales and Robinson and Bell…they've got the running backs looking good.

Q: In terms of the passing game, what did they through at you guys?

Braaksma: They went deep a few times and they ran a lot of short stuff to. They mixed it up. You're really just trying to play your place in the line and you really don't notice what's going on down field, but I noticed that they've been mixing it up quite a bit.

Q: Who won today…offense or defense?

Braaksma: We didn't keep score today. It would've been close…probably a tie.

Q: What do you all need to do to get ready for that game against Kent State. What are the two or three priorities that the coach's are stressing?

Braaksma: Being physical…we've got room for improvement there…staying focused on what your assignment is…keep moving in the right direction.

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