Ben Barkema Q&A

Here's the text of this recent interview with the senior tight end.

Q: Did you like the night practice thing?

Barkema: I love it because it was actually a way to show how Coach Chizik runs game day. It's different than Coach Mac…how we warm up, how we prepare, and when people go out to the field. We had to see it from him.

Q: What was the most unusual thing that maybe we take for granted…was it the way you huddled up, the way substitutions work…what was it?

Barkema: Maybe the most unique thing was how we took the field…we did two groups. With Coach Mac, we'd do 7-8 groups.

Q: What was the game like out there? In the spring scrimmage, the quarterbacks had the black jerseys on. Have they taken those off and are they live targets yet?

Barkema: No, they're not. I think they're trying something out…Phillip Banks was the one without it, but I think they're just trying something out with him.

Q: How'd it go out there? Who won? The big emphasis of Coach Chizik has been the running program. What is the running game looking like out there?

Barkema: It's pretty good, but today was pretty much an even match. With our scoring system, it ended up offense 22-19. We barely beat them. The way he has a scoring system of if you get…if the defense gets a 3 and out, you get a point, if they get a sack…3. It was pretty even matched today.

Q: How'd the running game look? Who carried the ball today?

Barkema: I think everybody did…Alexander Robinson, JJ Bass, Jason Scales…I think they all did.

Q: Are you ready to start thinking about Kent State yet? Have you beat up on each other enough? Have you started looking at different game films yet?

Barkema: We haven't started looking at them yet.

Q: Are you ready to though?

Barkema: The thing is we're still trying to get better and trying to go against each other. Keep getting better every day with our own stuff. I think next week we'll start getting ready for Kent State.

Q: Does it ever get to the point of…Can we get on with this? Let's go play a game?

Barkema: It does feel like that sometimes. Just like Coach says, we're going to start looking at Kent State next Monday or next Tuesday. The thing is he said it would probably feel like a long time there because we'll have 10 days looking at them. We are anxious to play, but we're just worried about getting better every day though.

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