Kurtis Taylor Q&A

If you missed the audio of this recent interview here is the transcript.

Q: Talk a little about the defensive line…along with the offensive line…the foundation of the thing that Coach Chizik talked about. Are you getting your 8-10 guys that you can work in and out of there?

Taylor: Things are starting to trim down a little bit. We've got a good group of guys that we're going to go into the game with. We've been working hard every day and getting better and the theme hasn't changed…we're trying to get better and better every day.

Q: What's that depth looking like on the line? As you mentioned, Coach Chizik said that's where it begins? Right now, who's solidifying the ones and twos?

Taylor: Actually Coach talked about that today. He said that if one of us were to get tired in the game and we feel like we have to come out, he has confidence in those guys that are behind us. He won't think twice about putting them in the game if need be.

Q: Right now are the ones basically you, "Tuba" and Braaksma.

Taylor: Yes sir.

Q: Who's backing you up?

Taylor: Right now, backing me up in strong end, is Nick Frere. Backing up "Tuba" right now in the noseguard spot is Bailey. He's actually backing up Braaksma too. Rashawn Parker is being backed up by Ferguson as well as Chris Lyle.

Q: How are the new guys working out on line…Lyle, Tate, and Frere?

Taylor: The name of the game is get better every day…Coach hasn't changed one bit since we started. That's what we'll continue to do through the end of camp and the end of the season…try to get better every day.

Q: Bell's playing at linebacker?

Taylor: Yeah, they moved him from running back.

Q: When did they do that?

Taylor: I want to say it was after the second Saturday.

Q: What does he show as a linebacker?

Taylor: I think he's willing to learn and I think he's a good athlete. He'll be able to play wherever they put him.

Q: How are the linebackers looking right now in general and how is Michael Bibbs working into that unit?

Taylor: I feel like Bibbs is coming along. He's had some really good days. He's really really progressed throughout the camp. Alvin and John and Jesse are coming along as well.

Q: How eager are you to get into this game especially after last year?

Taylor: I'm extremely excited about it. I can't wait. Right now, the name of the game for me is to get better and better every day. We've got about 10 days until kickoff. I'm extremely excited about that, but I want to focus on getting better tomorrow.

Q: This team struggled against the pass last year. What's the pass rush looking like? Are you getting pressure on the quarterback? And the defensive backfield?

Taylor: There's no doubt in my mind…Coach Pelton has been working us hard. We really are putting an emphasis on being a complete defensive line whether it's stopping the run or getting to the quarterback in pass rush mode. We've really been working our hands, working our feet, working our get-offs…so we're excited and we feel like the best is yet to come. We're really excited about the opportunities that are going to present themselves for us.

Q: What's the defensive backfield looking like? How is that shaping up?

Taylor: Really starting to come along and progress. I feel like we're really coming together as a whole defense not one specific area…linebackers, secondary…all of them…I feel like we've had a really good last few days of camp.

Q: Do we have an idea of who's taken on those ones in the defensive backfield?

Taylor: They've got their rotation back there. I'm not sure who exactly sure who the number ones are…I know there are guys they're giving good looks. I know Singleton is running with the ones. Drenard Williams is running with the ones as well. As far as safety, I'm not sure who's running with the ones. They've got a good nucleus of guys that are capable of playing.

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