J.J. Bass Q&A

Missed the audio? Here's the transcript to this recent interview.

Q:  Talk about your impression of Coach Chizik's program and how you're feeling so far at Iowa State.


Bass:  I feel great.  I'm getting really comfortable with the offense…I can move faster and it's going really good right now.


Q:  What's the running game looking like out there?  Coach Chizik said that this team will run the ball.  How's that coming along?


Bass:  My offensive line has been great…opening holes….we're running great. 


Q:  How's the defense looking out there?     


Bass:  They play very fast and they definitely helped welcome me into the game.  It's been great.  Everyone's working hard and making everyone better.

Q:  How much more complicated and complex is ISU compared to El Camino Junior College?


Bass:  It's definitely been a transition…the game moves a lot faster.  I had to get out my book and study a bit harder.  I just think I'm on it right now.  I've got the plays down and it's going really good right now.  We're on the same page.


Q:  When we look at the running game…that's been the emphasis, but are you catching passes out there?  How are using you in terms of the passing game?


Bass:  They're definitely using the running back a lot.  It's a great offense…they're very balanced.  They like to get the tailback the ball and it's going to be a great year.


Q:  How close are they to getting you…Coach McFarland said he wanted the running back carrying 20-25 games…how close are they to settling on a couple of you guys?


Bass:  It's great competition out there and everyone is working hard.  We're going to keep pushing each other and going to keep getting better every day.  We're going to go from there.


Q:  Living with Todd and Bret…is there some hazing there?  Do they make you pick up plates after dinner or….


Bass:      They've been on me a little bit, but they've been great.  It's definitely a benefit for me to be living with the quarterback.  If I have any questions about the offense, I can just ask Bret. 


Q:  How do you get that arrangement?  Did you ask for it or did they assign you?

Bass:  It was just one of those situations where Todd and Bret were moving out of their other place and I came out and they found a 3 bedroom apartment and it was nice…it was great.


Q:  We've heard a lot about the running game, but how's the passing game looking out there as far as the receivers?


Bass:  Receivers are definitely handling their business.  They're running great and catching great balls.  They're working hard.


Q:  How are the new guys blending together?


Bass:  We kind of got together before we got out here and talked about the whole recruiting process.  We kind of gel and coming in on the same goal…we want to win and we want to play.  We're close friends and we hang out a lot.  It's going really good.


Q:  Is Wallace getting on the field?


Bass:  Yes, Wallace is definitely getting in there…just like me.  We had to learn the offense. 


Q:  How fast is he?


Bass:  He's fast…blazing…he's fast.

Q:  Is he the fastest guys on the team?


Bass:  He just might be.  He's one of those receivers that if you don't get a hand on him, he's gone.

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