CI Steve's Nebraska Photo Gallery 2

This is the second of a free two-part photo gallery from Saturday's Nebraska game from CI Steve.

Hiawatha Rutland and company storm onto the field

Rutland picks up some yards thanks to a block upfield from Kyle Knock

Former ISU interim president Richard Seagrave greets ISU students

Will these same students be spelling out H-E-I-S-M-A-N in the near future?

Keith Sims and Reggie Roby pose on the sidelines

Defensive coordinator John Skladany maps out his gameplan

This girl has the best view of the post-game celebration

A mob of fans made it hard for players and coaches to get to the locker room

More ISU students sporting the paint

Lane Danielsen makes a catch in the back of the end zone

Seneca Wallace makes some adjustments on the line

Wallace could also be a candidate for best-dressed Cyclone

Even though he wasn't called upon much, Tony Yelk stayed up on his punting

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