Wayne Bolt Q&A

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Q:  The new kickoff rules…what's your first reaction to that and what is it going to do for your job?


Bolt:  It's going to be a lot tougher.  With the ball on the 30 and kicking it off and they're making it where it's going to be more excitement and what-not, but it will make our job tougher for our kickoff team.  It's going to be a bigger challenge…folks are going to get better field position.

Q:  How does it affect your preparation?


Bolt:  Whatever the field position is, you have to go with it and make plans for it.  That's where we get the ball and we go with it and try to get our stops.


Q:  At this point, when you've been practicing for close to a month now, is there any way that you change it up and try to keep it exciting for them?


Bolt:  It's been a grind…a good grind.  Our kids have really done well with it.  Sometimes a routine is good, but to answer your question, you try to change it up a little bit.  They've adjusted to our style.

Q:  Is it good having a little bit more time to prepare for the first game?


Bolt:  No question.  Especially when you see film, but the first game is you never know and the first couple games are always adjustments anyway.  It's going to be a game of adjustments.


Q:  Coach McFarland went through what he projected as the starters for Game 1.  We know there may always be adjustments, but if the team were stepping on the field today, how would they line up for that first snap?


Bolt:  We're still having changes daily.  We're still daily and having changes.  As far as me sitting down here and saying where we are, I can't do that.  Today…we're still 6 days away from our first game.  That's the way it is.  On our side of the ball, there is so much competition.  We're still working.  By early in the week, we should have a set game lineup.


Q:  Talk about Kent State's quarterback…some of the numbers don't necessarily look good…10 TDs, 11 interceptions, but then you look at his other numbers…


Bolt:  He's athletic.  He's a kid who's played…he got hurt a little last year, but he's been there and he's a good athlete.  Anytime you face an athletic quarterback, you've got to be ready for him.


Q:  Is that a linebacker's duty?

Bolt:  It's the whole 11 and you've got to be aware of him and when he's dropping back to pass or ready to scramble or whatever he's going to do.  We've got to be ready for a mobile quarterback.

Q:  In a situation when maybe a key player's hurt…their starting running back is a little dinged up…coach didn't say that, but we interviewed a lot of people from Kent State…do you keep the same game plan or do you take into account that you'll probably be seeing their second or third string back?


Bolt:  Whoever shows up will be a good back. We got to stop the run first just like we do every week.  As far as what running back…it doesn't matter.


Q:  At the beginning of the season, you said speed was vital.  What's the speed of this team like now?  You had five JUCOs that we heard of – Lyle, Tate, Weir, Bibbs, and Bell – where are they now?


Bolt:  They're all doing good as far as team speed.  They're all running to the football.  You always want better, but we're running to the football and they're playing smart.  As far as the junior college kids, they're good…they're going to play…how much, we'll see, but we'll see as we get closer to game time.

Q:  Any true freshmen make the rotation?


Bolt:  No freshmen right now. 

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