Bret Meyer Q&A

Missed the audio? Then here's the transcript of this conversation.

Q:  How much of it feels like routine and how much of it feels like starting over?


Meyer:  It's pretty much routine, but at the same time, it's different.  We'll be staying in Des Moines and that's an adjustment, but as soon as we get around the stadium, it will be different.


Q:  Coaches said the defense was playing against you and this week they're going against a scrambling quarterback.  How do you think they'll do against him?


Meyer:  I'm not really worried about what their quarterback will do against our defense.  They'll be fine. 


Q:  Talk about how excited you are about going into this final season…particularly with Todd.  You two have formed a pretty formidable duo.  Talk about this being a special year and what this season means to you.


Meyer:  It's definitely going to be a special year.  It's going to be special for all of us.


Q:  How much motivation does it provide to you and others to hear the predictions?


Meyer:  It's fine…I don't look at it too much. 


Q:  What do you see different from defenses covering Todd last year?


Meyer:  Early in the season, he's healthy.  I don't really know what teams are going to do if they put him in single coverage.  He'll probably give him the ball and then they'll double him.  They're just not going to beat him.


Q:  We don't really exactly know who are going to be starting running backs yet…how confident are you in all three guys and has any of those three guys stood out to you?


Meyer:  They've all made plays and they've done a great job.  I think their styles all compliment each other. 


Q:  How fun is it to play in Coach McFarland's system?


Meyer:  It's a lot of fun.  There's a lot of plays we get make and variations we can do.  It's a lot of fun.



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