Alvin Bowen Q&A

If you missed the audio check out the transcript below.

Q:  Game day's almost here.  How excited are you guys?


Bowen:  Very excited.  We get a chance to step on the field and show what we have to offer.


Q:  What are some questions that need to be answered out there on the field?

Bowen:  From who?


Q:  From the defense as a whole.


Bowen:  Questions we have about ourselves, you mean?


Q:  Yeah.  Is there any aspect of the game on the defensive side of the ball that you aren't too sure of yet?

Bowen:  No, not really.  Coaches put stuff in place for us to do and I believe we can get it done.


Q:  Facing an elusive quarterback…you face those guys in practice every day…does that help with that?


Bowen:  Yeah, it does.  I just finished watching some film on how good he is.  I believe what Coach put in place is going to work.


Q:  Talk about how different things feel compared to this time last year…a whole new regime…


Bowen:  I'm just looking at it as a different football season now…you got to go out and do what you got to do.


Q:  Does it mean a lot to you guys to see that 36,000 season tickets have been sold already?


Bowen:  Yeah, it does.  It helps us. It lets us know that we have fans.


Q:  How do you like being compliance linebacker?

Bowen:  There's a funny skit, but hopefully the message was brought to the surface that you have to stay on the straight and narrow.

Q:  I hope no one was hurt during that.


Bowen:  I wasn't hurt.

Q:  Are you ok with not leading the nation in tackles again if it means your defensive…


Bowen:  I remember saying last year that I'd rather have the team be better than me.  They put me too in the spotlight last year.


Q:  Any personal goals for yourself this season?


Bowen:  Like I said last year at this time, I don't think goals…it didn't work too well last time so I just play.

Q:  What's going to be the bigger thrill for you…getting out there and playing on the field or seeing your little brother out there playing?  And what do you think about him being a quarterback?


Bowen:  Well, my thrill is it's my senior year and I want to give the fans something they can say, "He went out his senior year with a bang."  With my brother, him playing quarterback…I don't have anything to say about that. 


Q:  You're lining up next to Smith now instead of McKenzie.  How's Jesse's coming along?


Bowen:  He's coming along really well.


Q:  What does Jesse do best right now?


Bowen:  A lot of things.


Q:  Is it an exciting defense to play?

Bowen:  I don't really know how to break it down.  It puts us in position to make plays.



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