Ace Bowen & Todd Blythe Q&A

Arguably ISU's top two players, here's the transcripts from post-game audio from a few days ago in case you missed it.

Todd Blythe

Q: What happened out there?

Blythe: We know this offense inside and out. It's a matter of…I don't know if it's a matter of first game jitters or…it's a little different when you get out there against someone else. We've been out there banging against each other for the last few months. The speed of the game…when you get in a real game…especially the first game when everyone's on adrenaline. We just have to calm ourselves down and not make the mistakes we made today.

Q: How tough is it to drop the first game?

Blythe: It's very tough. A lot of us seniors were talking…this is our last first game. To lose this one, it hurts and it will hurt for a while. We have to learn from it and there's a lot of stuff to learn and we have to do that and put it behind us. We have 11 weeks straight that we have to go and line up in between the white lines so we have to do that.

Q: How much does the loss surprise you?

Blythe: Not with how we played. When you turn the ball over and make penalties that kill drives on offense you can't expect to win a whole lot of football games.

Ace Bowen

Q: Talk about what happened out there tonight. As far as, I know the team had high hopes and went in there with a lot of confidence. Talk about what happened on the field and why you think the game turned out the way it did.

Bowen: Well, I guess...I'll blame it on the first game jitters. We just made some mistakes. We've got to fix the mistakes we made and come back stronger for UNI.

Q: Do you feel like they won this game or that you lost it?

Bowen: I feel that they won this game. They made the plays needed to win the game. I take no credit away from them. They are a great team.

Q: How tough was it to stop the quarterback? He obviously made some plays. How tough was it containing him?

Bowen: It was tough. He was a competitor and a great athlete. You can't take nothing away from that. A good athlete is going to make plays eventually. You can shut them down all day and eventually they're going to make a play.

Q: In terms of today's result, obviously the team's disappointed, what's the next step now to get ready for UNI?

Bowen: Get back to work. Coach Chizik said he isn't going to change anything. We're just going to get back in the film room and fix the mistakes we made and come back out for UNI.

Q: The defense early on managed to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Towards the end of the game he seemed to have a little bit more of his way. Was it fatigue…did they somehow adapt to you all? What was the difference between containing him early and giving him pressure and later in the game?

Bowen: Only thing I can point to is not capitalizing on plays we made.

Q: In terms of the awakening…I know that…I believe that the players felt they had a shot at 12-0…now, that's not going to happen. How much motivation does this become to work that much harder?

Bowen: It puts us in perspective about what's going on. Go out everyday and look to defeat the opponent we have at hand.

Q: What positives do you take out of this game?

Bowen: As far as running the ball, we ran the ball pretty well in the first half. Defensively we caused some turnovers.

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