J.J. Bass Q&A

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Q: Let's start off with today. What was the message that you got from the coaches and what was the focus of today's practice?

Bass: Basically, we're just going to go out and work hard. Forget about the last game. Get better every day and take it one step at a time. We watch film and saw the game. That's behind us.

Q: This team was able to do some things that Coach Chizik said that he wanted them to do including running the ball. What were the positives that came from the game?

Bass: We definitely had a lot of positives with the O-line. They made a lot of key blocks. The defense did an excellent job out there giving us many opportunities. I just think the offense as a whole didn't capitalize on the turnovers that the defense gave us. That's one thing that we're going to work on this week and hopefully get better at.

Q: What did today's practice involve? I saw some of the guys coming in. It looked like it was a rigerous practice.

Bass: We just kind of focused on getting back to the basics…going out, working hard, capitalizing on the mistakes that we made and to make sure we don't make them again. We're back in the weight room, back working hard and just getting better.

Q: How confident does this team remain? I know going into the season there was a lot of optimism.

Bass: I came here today and everyone was…there were no jokes. It's all serious…all business. We know we weren't supposed to lose that game. We're a better team than that. I give credit to Kent State on coming in and playing a great game, but we're way better than that and I don't expect us to lose anymore games down the road.

Q: The next opponent is UNI. They won yesterday. What's the attitude going into the UNI game?

Bass: I think the attitude is us as a team correcting mistakes from last game and getting better. When that game comes we'll definitely be ready. The coaching staff is getting us ready. I'm looking forward to getting that team on the field.

Q: One of the priorities was the team running the ball. You had a chance of experiencing the running game at the D1 level. Give us your impressions of what it's like versus JUCO.

Bass: It's different. There's a lot more people in the stands, but it's the same concept. Football is football. Those guys put on their pads the same way we put on ours. It's basically the same. I have to make quicker reads and hit the whole a little harder, but it's basically the same concept.

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