Ben Barkema Q&A

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Q: Let's just start with today. What's the message today and what are the players thinking about going into the next game?

Barkema: We have to correct the mistakes that we made and move on.

Q: What are the things?

Barkema: It's like Coach Chizik said…we can't turn it over on offense, we have to be able to run the ball…we didn't run it very well in the second half, got to be able to stop the half. We have to do all those things to win the game.

Q: In terms of the tightend play, how do you see yourself being utilized in this game since it's obvious that the run is going to set everything up in this offense?

Barkema: Yeah, a tightend can be used as much as it can be…I'm not really sure.

Q: Coming off of pre-season…everybody was fired up. Obviously yesterday was a let down. How are the players responding in terms of bouncing back. Are they down? Are they focused?

Barkema: We're pretty focused. We're trying to correct mistakes. We're trying to get together and correct our mistakes.

Q: What's the practice schedule like the next couple days with the holiday?

Barkema: He's letting us off tomorrow, but we have stuff Sunday.

Q: In terms of UNI…they won yesterday and coming in here confident…how important is that game as a statement game to help erase what happened yesterday?

Barkema: I think the main thing is if we take the mistakes we made and correct them, it'll speak for itself.

Q: Talk about the offensive play. I think there was only one sack. The team was able to run the ball. JJ had 100 yards rushing the first half. Talk about the play of the offensive line.

Barkema: They did a great job in the first half, but we just have to carry that over to the second half.

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