Allen Bell Q&A

With his first game under his belt, find out what this JUCO transfer expects from the Panthers.

Q: First of all, talk about the defensive efforts out there. The things the coaches said you did well and the things that the coaches said you need to improve on.

Bell: They said at the beginning of the game we were flying around. We were on it. I think we just got wore down towards the end. They just basically said that we need to be more physical and not be so nice out there. Bringing it to them instead of letting them move around.

Q: So, what do you attribute the wearing down to. We heard a lot about the strength and conditioning program over the summer. How'd you guys wear down?

Bell: We didn't wear down physically. I think we let the quarterback…he was a little shifty guy…we let him move too much. It wore us down…him getting three yards here, four yards there. I think they inched to a victory.

Q: What do you think you are in store for this week with UNI's quarterback? I've heard you've gotten to see a little film on him.

Bell: We watched a little bit. He's more of a passer guy.

Q: Do you think you'll get as winded this week or with the first game jitters out of the way…

Bell: This week we're figuring out what we did wrong and we'll take care of it in practice this week. This week should be a lot more smoother. Half of the problems we had last week should be ironed out.

Q: In terms of the defense performance, in the fourth quarter you shut down the quarterback. You stopped him from scoring twice in the red zone, you created turnovers. On paper, it looks like you guys should have won this game. What do you need to do to make sure that you win the UNI game?

Bell: Well, we can capitalize on the plays. Put points up.

Q: You had a big run. Talk about what that was like. Talk about the kickers having to move back 5 yards.

Bell: I'm excited cause I like returning the ball. Special teams I like doing that. That return…I was kind of upset. I thought I could take it all the way back. Next time I'm going to give a little extra move in there…maybe a spin.

Q: How long did it take for you to get comfortable in the game?

Bell: We went 3 and out in the first couple series. It kind of smoothed over for me quick. I got pretty comfortable quick as soon as I was able to settle down from being excited.

Q: Did you have to push down butterflies?

Bell: I was just excited. My adrenaline was pumping. I was trying to hold myself back.

Q: Did the loss put guys on alert that we better see some progress here or it will be the next guy playing?

Bell: Yeah, it did. We got a lot of people that didn't play that game that wanted to. The loss showed them not to put their head down and that you won't play at all. It opened a lot of competition.

Q: Is Coach still putting fear in guys that their positions aren't safe?

Bell: We came back from a meeting and he told everyone that if they're not productive…they don't have to play, we can find someone else. You have a lot of people worried and wanting to step it up.

Q: Have you and Wallace had that race yet and have you put together the Texas vs. Florida relay yet?

Bell: I think we'll wait on that because we don't want anyone to pull nothing. I know they'll be straining trying to catch me.

Q: What are the things you need to do out there to make a stronger contribution?

Bell: Just be more consistent. I think I played alright, but some plays I wasn't as low or didn't push it 100% on every play. Constantly try to get better.

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