Todd Blythe Q&A

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Q: Talk about JJ a little bit. You're roommates with him. How did that come about?

Blythe: Basically, Brett and I needed a third roommate and he needed a place to live. When he came down this spring he stayed at our old place with us so we got to know him really well and asked him to move in with him. He's good. He picks up after himself and pays the rent on time. It's been good so far.

Q: He said that you like to send him our for errands…that the new guy has to run errands…

Blythe: Yeah, he has to run out and get me a #1 from McDonald's now and then. No, if I tried to tell him that...he'd be like "See ya." It's been fun.

Q: You also said that you hang in the cafeteria…that he can cook up a pretty good breakfast?

Blythe: He claims to be able to cook a lot of things, but I don't know. You'll have to ask him. He has a bunch of weird stuff like organic macaroni and cheese. I don't know if he's into eating healthy or if it's something his girl sent him from back in California or what the deal is.


Blythe: I'm staying away from that stuff. I'm sticking with my #1 from McDonalds…stuff I know and trust.

Q: What does that mean in the sense that you guys get to mentor him and help him get acclimated?

Blythe: It's really big. It's not like a freshman coming in. He knows how to be on his own. He's done the college thing, but he hasn't been at a big school like this…a Big 12 school where…he's had the attention before, but to walk around a campus this size and have people recognize you that's new for him. We were on the sideline before the game last Thursday and he was looking around saying that it was crazy. I think with me and Brett around it will help with the differences.

Q: What was it like Thursday in the sense that he had a breakout performance and Brett kind of struggled…did you just not talk about it on purpose or did you hash things out?

Blythe: No, that's one of those things that we leave alone. If I were to struggle and go out there and drop three four balls or JJ have a couple fumbles, I know my roommates are big enough men that they can get through it. If they want to come talk to me that's fine. I'll talk them through it. It's the same thing that if I'm messing up then I know how to handle it, but I can go to them and talk it through.

Q: Everybody's in agreement that Brett will bounce back. What do you base that on?

Blythe: Seeing how he works the last four years…playing and rooming together…seeing how he's bounced back from losses, adversity, personal struggles. I have no doubt in my mind. I think it was just one of those nights. Both of his interceptions came on the same play. Maybe he just didn't read that play right. I have no doubt, knowing the type of kid he is, he'll get back in the film room and he won't make that kind of mistake again.

Q: Has he comes through…the interesting thing this weekend is you have a quarterback in Sanders that doesn't get enough credit then you have Brett that's gone through four years of college football getting every scrutiny you can get in football in this state. Which is better?

Blythe: I know, for me, I'd rather be the guy that no one talks about…the one with no expectations. That's easier. If no one is expecting anything from you. As a quarterback, Brett has big shoulders and can definitely handle it. I have no doubt that our team will bounce back as a whole.

Q: How tired do you get of people saying "Get the ball to Blythe?"

Blythe: I get really tired of it just because people have maybe seen touchdowns in the past and think that we can go deep and do things every single play. Defense won't let you do that. I'm content to go out and catch four or five balls like I did last game and have a running back go for 100 yards as long as we can get that win. If it's a situation where I need to get a lot of balls to get a win, I'll do that, but we have a lot of receivers, tightends, and running backs that can all make plays. People don't understand that you have to spread the ball around and you need to mix it up to be successful against everybody.

Q: Talk about the positive things that happened.

Blythe: I think first off, the defense came out got three turnovers and played very well. That's something that we are going to need all year…we're going to need our defense to come out and be aggressive and they were. They came out with some great turnovers in real key situations and we ran the ball really effectively. Especially in the first half. JJ had over 100 yards just in the first half. We know that we can come out and be physical. That's really encouraging and we execute our pass game well. It's just a matter of cleaning up the penalties and the turnovers.

Q: When you looked at the film did you feel more encouraged than you did when you left the field?

Blythe: Definitely. It's going to sting until we get our first win. That's the way I am. That's the way everyone on the team is, but that's motivation to come out everyday at practice and work as hard as you can. After watching film, I can see a bunch of stuff that I can improve on. My run blocking in that first game was awful and JJ still went for 133. I think that's encouraging that with me really not blocking anyone for him.

Q: A couple times he kind of lowered his shoulder and put people on his backside. What did you think of that?

Blythe: Where did that come from? No…he's a physical back. He's really got all the tools…he has the speed…he's really smooth. He's got great vision for cutback lanes and stuff like that, but let me tell you one thing…one weapon he has that impresses me is his stiff arm. He gets on that sideline and someone comes up and he'll basically hit them with a punch right in the face and he'll go down. He's got a tremendous stiff arm.

Q: How do you stay focused on UNI and how do you secure this victory?

Blythe: It's easy to focus on them after the game they gave us last year. Especially since we're still looking for our first win. That won't be a problem at all. There's no looking ahead by anyone on this team…I'm sure. We'll just come out this week and practice.

Q: Everybody is talking about Brett Meyer, but Bret Culbertson…where's he at right now?

Blythe: I think he's just fine. He's been through the Big 12. He's been in a situation where he might have missed a kick and he bounced back. He's one of the most accurate kickers we've had at Iowa State and I have all the confidence in the world that he'll go out there next time and put it right through the uprights. It's one of those things…he's a kicker…you leave them alone and let them do their little rituals…whatever kickers do…he'll get his head right and he'll be fine.

Q: What have the coaches been stressing that you have to do to get ready for the UNI game?

Blythe: Just focus on the little things. Not making the dumb mental mistakes that we made last time. For me, just talking to my coaches and the guys in the wide receiver room, we have to get more physical on the run game especially. Go out there and use our size to our advantage and hopefully open up some more lanes.

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