Thursday's Iowa State sports links

"When we recruited him, we didn't know if he could break into the two-deep as a wide receiver. But I knew he could help us as a punt returner. He is absolutely fearless and plays with a lot of heart."
Miller making impact as punt return man
Omaha World Herald

"If we didn't have managers our program wouldn't be successful. They mean everything to us."
Manager contribute behind the scenes
Iowa State Daily

"The open week is coming at a real good time. Seeing the players after the (Nebraska) game, there's no question it's a great time for an open week ... We're playing 13 games. That's only three short of an NFL regular season. Your body and mind can only take so many collisions and hits."
Break well-deserved one for Cyclones
Ames Tribune

"It's very dangerous when those goal posts go down and we've had people get injured, seriously injured, on the field."
Taking a look at indestructible goal-posts
Iowa State Daily

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