Hall of Fame Weekend Interviews

Lane Danielson, Ryan Sloth, and Aaron Brant talked to CN about ISU football.

Lane Danielson

Q:  First of all, give us an update of what's going on in your life right now.


Danielson:  I'm living in West Des Moines doing some volunteer coaching at Dowling Catholic.  Working for a medical sales company.


Q:  We heard that a sophomore kicker kicked a 53-yard field goal for you guys.


Danielson:  It was an impressive kick.


Q:  He's going to be a cyclone, right?


Danielson:  With the way he kicked it, we hope so.


Q:  Give your impressions of last weeks and what do you think the team needs to do this week to get the victory over Northern Iowa.


Danielson:  My impressions of last week…they came out and obviously there aren't a lot of expectations behind this team and their talent, but at the same time there are expectations behind the coaches and everyone is hoping for the best.  There are a lot season ticket holders this year and everyone's very optimistic.  Last Thursday night, Iowa State came out and ran the ball well.  We ran good defensive and we were in a position to win that game at half time.  The thing I would like to see is a little more fire.  A Big 12 team has to come out and put that game away in the second half.  We let Kent State back in the game second half.  We ran the ball well in the first half.  Hopefully we can learn from the mistakes and move on.


Q:  UNI is predicted by the Register to win this game.  Talk about those predictions. 


Danielson:  Look what UNI did to us last year.  We were lucky to walk out with a "W" last year and they've got 12 returning starters this year.  You can see where the Des Moines Register is coming from.  We lose opening game.  Do I think Iowa State can win this game?  Absolutely.  We have to come out and show that.  We have some senior leaders that have to step up and make some plays tonight.  If we come out and play well as a team…hopefully we can get a "W".


Q:  What do you expect from the team for the season? Give us your predictions.


Danielson:  I don't have any predictions or expectations.  I just hope that week in and week out we can improve and that's the thing I'm expecting.  It's a new coach, new scheme…we got some young guys playing.  Hopefully they can keep improving week in and week out.

Ryan Sloth

Q:  Former Iowa State player turned movie star.  Talk about what it's like…you were in We Are Marshall.  Talk about that experience.


Sloth:  I just got done shooting with George Clooney called Leatherheads.  It should be coming out in December.  It's more of a comedy, but it was a lot of fun.  But, We Are Marshall was a great experience.  The movie was outstanding.


Q:  That's one of those movies like Remember the Titans…there are two types of movies that make guys cry….did that movie make you reflect on football and (couldn't hear rest of question)


Sloth:  A little bit.  The best thing was getting back out there and getting the pads back on and getting on the field.  It was good experience.


Q:  We are out at the tailgate…what is it like to be here?


Sloth:  It's good to see all these guys.  Enjoying a really good pregame.


Q:  Give us your impression of the Chizik era so far.  36,000 season tickets sold. 


Sloth:  It's good that we have good fan support.  Obviously, I played for Coach MacCarney, so I was a big supporter of Coach MacCarney.  Hopefully…I'm still supportive of Iowa State and the program.  Hopefully we can get some wins and keep moving on.


Q:  The Register and some others have said that UNI is going to win this game.  What do you think is going to happen?


Sloth:  It's going to be a big battle.  We didn't play well last week.  They say the second week is going to be the biggest improvement.   Hopefully, we'll improve and get a win.


Q:  What are your predictions for the season?


Sloth:  If we win 6 games and go to a Bowl game that would be outstanding.  It's going to be a tough season. 


Q:  When you're not making movies, what are you doing?


Sloth:  Actually, I coached arena football out in New York.  We had a good season.  I'm waiting for the Barnstormers to come back and coach for them.

Aaron Brant

Q:  What do you think of last week's game and the offensive line so far?


Brant:  There was no question about the effort.  They were playing hard like I knew they would , but obviously there are some improvements they have to make and it'll be interesting to see how they do today. 


Q:  One of the things that Coach Chizik talked about were there are a lot of technical things…..talk about some of the technical things that the average eye would never notice.


Brant:  It all comes down to execution.  It takes all 5 guys working together with the backs and the tight ends.  That's what's going to have to happen.  They're a very young line and the only thing they lack is experience.  That will come with time.  Hopefully they'll gel together here and make a great unit.


Q:  What are you expecting out of this team this year?


Brant:  They're still a very young team, but there's still a lot of talent there.  They had a lot of great guys that came in the off-season.  Last week treaded the waters now it's time to jump in and go after it.


Q:  UNI is predicted to win this game by some people.  Do you think it's possible?


Brant:  Of course it's possible. It's a big rivalry game for the state of Iowa.  No one know the importance of that more than UNI.  They're motivated.  Since last year was such a heartbreaker for them it will be interesting to see how they come out and play tonight.


Q:  Tell us about what you're doing now. 


Brant:  Of course, I was with the Bears all summer and got released during camp.  Just got to rehab my knees right now and get them better and try again next year.

Q:  What is your prediction for Iowa State for this season?


Brant:  I don't know.  I was a little bit disappointed last week, but knowing the guys they'll rally and get after the season.

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