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Players Marquis Hamilton, Austen Arnaud, and Alexander Robinson talk about the sad loss to Division I-AA Northern Iowa.

Marquis Hamilton

Q:  Did you anticipate getting this many touches today?


Hamilton:  I did not.  I wasn't expecting it at all, but when my number is called I have to be ready to play and I was for the most part.


Q:  Did the offensive have some stuff to build on out of this game?


Hamilton:  We do.  I think at the end, we showed the way we can play.  I think if we come out like that next week, we can prove a lot more.  I think we set some ground and we'll be ready to move on.


Q:  Do you feel like the passing game got better since last week?


Hamilton:  It did, but still as a team we have to improve. 


Q:  (couldn't hear)


Hamilton:  I agree.  We have to eliminate those turnovers. 


Q:  What's the mindset of this football team at this point?


Hamilton:  Just get better.  Don't let the losses affect us.  Just go out there and perform.


Q:  What was everyone talking about in the locker room at halftime?  What was the game plan going into the second half?


Hamilton:  The game plan was to go out there and play lights out.  Don't worry about the score just go out there and focus on what you have to do and go out there and do it.

Austen Arnaud

Q:  Did you know before the game that the coach was going to use you?


Arnaud:  He told me to be ready, so that's what I did.


Q:  How comfortable did you feel?


Arnaud:  First play jitters were there, but after that it felt like being at practice again.

Q:  Do you want to play some more?


Arnaud:  Of course, everybody does.


Q:  What did Brett have to say to you when you were getting ready to go out?


Arnaud:  He just encouraged me.  He's got my back and I've got his.  That's how Brett is.


Q:  What do you think the offense, as a whole has to do to get into a rhythm and be more successful.


Arnaud:  We just have to execute.  We had three turnovers tonight and can't win ballgames doing that.  We have get back in there, watch film, and get better as a unit.  


Q:  What did coach have to say when you huddled up after Bass' touchdown?


Arnaud:  The game's not over.  Fight till the end.


Q:  Talk about your performance,


Arnaud:  It can get better…it always can get better.  That's what I look forward to next week.


Q:  Were you nervous?


Arnaud:  Not at all. 


Q:  Who was the last team you played against?


Arnaud:  Dowling


Q:  What were your thoughts when you came out onto the field?


Arnaud:  It was definitely exciting to finally get a shot, but I was brought back to Earth really quick with the deficit that we were at.  It was a good feeling, but not really because we still lost the game.


Q:  Do you guys feel there's light at the end of the tunnel?


Arnaud:  There's definitely light at the end of the tunnel.  We just have to fix errors that we make.  We have to execute and be more efficient on offense.  Things that we didn't do last night and that's why we lost the game. 

Alexander Robinson


Q:  How'd you feel like the rushing game went today?  Do you feel like you saw things improving?


Robinson:  Honestly, I don't think I can say that now.  The game is still kind of a blur to me.  We'll just have to leave that up to the coaches and they'll have to decide if they thought the rushing was better.

Q:  How was their defense?


Robinson:  They're a great overall team. Put all three pieces together…offense, defense, and special teams, and they just came out and played better than us tonight.  They're a great team.  You have to give that to him.


Q:  What happened when you originally came to Iowa State and what made you walk back on and eventually earn a scholarship?


Robinson:  I don't know if I want to go into depth with that.  Most of it was personal things that I was dealing with.  I think the coach's have forgiven me a second chance and my teammates believe in me.  I'm just trying to come back and work hard.  Those were personal problems and I prefer not to go into those.

Q:  How do you feel about earning a scholarship and your chances with this team?

Robinson:  I don't know, honestly.  Whatever the coaches ask me to do to help the team, I try to do that to the best of my ability.  Other than that, just see what the coaches say.


Q:  You had a pretty good touch there when Austen came in and you had that 20-yard run.  Can you talk about that drive?

Robinson:  I think most of the drive was just great blocking by the offensive line.  Great play calling by the coaches.   When I came in, that was my first drive and I just wanted to do whatever I could to help the team.  Obviously, Austen had a great run in there.  It's unfortunate that we stalled on that drive, but I think that drive was key to our team.


Q:  What was your feeling coming out of the huddle after Bass' touchdown?


Robinson:  It was good.  We knew that we had time. 



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