Gene Chizik Presser Transcript

Find out what Gene Chizik thought of his first career head coaching victory, in case you missed the postgame audio.

Q: Coach, Brett's a guy that's had some trouble throughout his career. Today, he just threw (couldn't hear)

Chizik: Like you said, the first two weeks, we just want to see improvement from these guys. I don't think Brett's a guy that you can single out. I think if you look at Culbertson…I think you can look at the full football team. We said that every week we have to find small victories and eventually they'll turn into big ones. I think across the board today…when we look at the film…you'll see a lot of small victories. I think Brett Meyer was included in that. I thought he played well today, but I think that was our whole football team. I don't want to single out one guy because I thought they all got better at something today.

Q: (couldn't hear)

Chizik: Not necessarily. We just wanted to give them a couple of new looks that we thought would spread the field out a little. Try to get some guys into space, but it was really just a new look we wanted to get this week and give them something different. They're so physical and so good versus the run. We tried to do a bunch of quick things that would really a perimeter run game from those empty sets. We really tried to get a little creative.

Q: Talk about Phillip Bates and that play.

Chizik: Really proud of Phillip. We worked that all week. Believe it or not, we worked that exact scenario all week. Phillip made a great play and what an awesome game to make it in. He's a great athlete and he's going to have a great career here. He made a great play. Couldn't have happened at a better time and to a better kid. We're really proud for him.

Q: Do you think a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and the team's shoulders?

Chizik: You know, this win is not for…it's for the Iowa State people and our players. Us coaches have been doing this a long time. Obviously, it's a great feeling for our coaching staff, but make no mistake about it, it's for the Iowa State fans and our football team. It's a step in the right direction. Has a weight been lifted off my shoulders? Obviously, it was a good game to have my first win. I'm as excited as I can be about that, but I'm excited for my guys because let me tell you what. They hung through a lot of criticism for two weeks…rightly so, but more of that blame should have been on us coaches. They hung in there. Their practices were great. We talked to them all week about delivering. That's what they did today.

Q: Can you talk about the blocked field goal? Did you have something special planned on that play?

Chizik: No, but we worked that every day. We talked about field goal blocks can change games and that was huge. Really proud of how our defense played all day long.

Q: What do you think of the short term and long term benefits of getting a win?

Chizik: The short term is I hope they all have a great night. I'm going to take it one day at a time, one practice, one win. I want our guys to feel proud of what they accomplished today. That was a very good football team they beat today. I will say that emphatically. That was a physical football team. They played great defense. I got to give our coaching staff a lot of credit because they worked long and hard this week. Then our football team delivered.

Q: (couldn't hear)

Chizik: Pandemonium might be a good work. It was so great to see those kids smile and understand that all that hard work does eventually pay off. They were crazy. I've been waiting a long time to sing that fight song.

Q: How about the game ball? Did the kids present you with the game ball?

Chizik: Well, my boss presented me with the game ball. You know, I wish I could split that ball into 110. It really belongs to them. I didn't play a down. All the credit goes to the kids and the assistant coaches.

Q: Talk about Bret Culbertson and that last play when he looked like he might break it. Talk about what was going through your mind.

Chizik: I thought that surely out of 11 guys out that somebody has to take this guy down. I'm really proud of Bret. He's had a lot of ups and downs since he's been here and I told him that today's his day. I think he picked a really good day to start producing.

Q: Coach, can you talk about Travis Ferguson?

Chizik: He's been injured.

Q: Coach, at the very end, they threw flags. Did the officials tell you at all what that was?

Chizik: I think when we finally brought the guy down, the last person I saw was the official. He might have been trying to find me, but to answer your question, no, I don't know what that was about.

Q: What was the essence of your defensive game plan today.

Chizik: Obviously, they had a very physical offensive line and we had to stop the running game. I think we did a good job of that most of the day. We just didn't want to give up any big runs or passes. Again, we call them explosive plays. If you can keep explosive plays down on defensive right now, you can move the football then you've got a chance to get off the field. I thought our third down production today was a lot better.

Q: Is this what you thought a Coach Chizik ISU team would look like?

Chizik: I think football is really simple. I don't think you can complicate it. You can't turn the football over and you have to be physical. I said from the beginning if you don't turn over the football and you're more physical, you're going to win. I want a physical team on both sides of the football. I want to be able to stop the run and be sound in every single thing we do. Were we in every thing we did today, no, but they just kept coming back. The offensive just kept coming back.

Q: A lot of things came together on offense today. It just seemed like a lot of the problems from the first two games just disappeared.

Chizik: I think Coach McFarland had a phenomenal game plan and I think the kids took to heart today exactly what we had in the plan. Even all the way down to Phillip Bates' last catch. Did we execute everything flawlessly? No. But, they did what we asked them to do. You've got to give them a lot of credit. They did a good job today.

Q: This win shocked a lot of people. Does that make it anymore sweet for the team and for you?

Chizik: I think that comes with the territory when you're 0-2. We made our own bed and we have to lie in it. There's probably a lot of naysayers out there. After 0-2, the guys could have shut it down in practice, but they didn't. There's a lot of character on our football team right now. No one gave us a chance and we were that big of an underdog from our own mistakes. I told them though that if they believed in everyone in the room, they had a shot. They did that today.

Q: When I was asked today why I thought you'd win today, I told them it was because of the character of these kids. Talk about the character of these kids and how it showed up today.

Chizik: I really shouldn't even have to answer that. I know what you're saying, but you saw them today. Today, they took it personally, as they should in an in-state rivalry like this. This is a phenomenal rivalry in college football. I know this is my first go around with it, but there is a lot of passion in this state. There's some hard working people in this state and there are a lot of people that will talk about this game for the next 365 days. To say our guys had character…that would be very accurate because they understood the importance of this to the Iowa State people and ourselves.

Q: How about the storming of the field? What did that feel like?

Chizik: It was indescribable. It was a phenomenal feeling. I kept thinking are they storming this field because we won? The passion for this field is there. We just have to give them something to be passionate about. It's not about me though or our coaches…it's about the players.

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