Phillip Bates Transcript

This is the transcript of our recent audio interview with Phillip Bates.

Q: Are you ever going to play two snaps in a game?

Bates: Hopefully. Whatever they need me to do.

Q: Good week for you?

Bates: Yeah, it'll be pretty exciting going back home. My whole family is going to be there.

Q: Why did you pick Iowa State over Nebraska?

Bates: Nebraska is a great program, but Coach Chizik came to my house and I bought into his system here and that we can do great things and I still believe that.

Q: Coach Chizik tell you that you'll be playing everywhere?

Bates: I didn't know that, but whatever I need to do to help us win.

Q: You obviously committed to the previous regime. What did Coach Chizik have to sell you on to keep you committed?

Bates: Just what he was going to do here. I like Coach Mac, but Coach Chizik told me the truth about what he wanted done here. His history tells it all.

Q: Did you waiver much at all during that time?

Bates: Yes, I was still looking around. I was looking at Oklahoma. I was talking to Michigan State, Iowa, and Nebraska. But when he came I was pretty excited.

Q: Does this game mean a little more? I know it's not supposed to and it's about the team, but is there a little extra edge about going into Nebraska, winning, and having those bragging rights all summer long?

Bates: Oh yeah. You always try to get bragging rights. It's my hometown and we always talk a lot of trash back and forth. It's going to be exciting.

Q: How important will it be…have you thought about not just going back and playing, but the possibility of scoring a touchdown? Have you thought about what that will be like?

Bates: It would be crazy. I would love to score a touchdown. If it helps the team win, I'll do it.

Q: Does Nebraska consider Iowa State a rival?

Bates: Right now…I don't know. I thought that every game for Nebraska was a rival.

Q: How many plays have you been in?

Bates: 6 I think.

Q: What do you think about all this attention just being in 6 plays?

Bates: It's exciting. It's fun. I'm just ready to play.


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