Allen Bell Q&A

Check out the text below of this audio file from the JUCO transfer.

Q: The defense hasn't gotten a lot of take aways. Is that a little frustrating?

Bell: It is. It is very frustrating. We want to help contribute to the game with points.

Q: All teams work on that, right?

Bell: Yeah. We do all that in practice.

Q: Sometimes is it luck though?

Bell: Some of it's luck, but a lot of it is being at the right place at the right time. A lot of times the coaches put you in the right place, you just have to take advantage of it.

Q: How confident are you feeling with special teams?

Bell: I think it should be ok because we've had problems, but we've always addressed them. Coaches will look at it and fix it.

Q: What's the mood of the team like? Are you guys optimistic going into the Nebraska game?

Bell: Very optimistic because we feel like we beat ourselves on all three of those games. The times that we were playing like we were supposed to be, we were unstoppable. This week, we're trying to get back to that. Most of the Iowa game we were playing assignment ball and we had less mistakes than any of them. If we can duplicate that, we'll be alright.

Q: Iowa's a good team. Is Iowa State the type of team that will play to the competition? In other words, you may have played down to a 1AA team, but played up to a Big 10 appointment?

Bell: Looking back at it, I think that may have been the problem. I'm hoping that considering the schedule we have coming up that we're going to step up and play harder.

Q: Is this the best passing team you've faced so far?

Bell: I think so. They got a lot of good receivers and a good quarterback. We're ready for the challenge.

Q: How about the environment at Lincoln?

Bell: I haven't been there before, but I've heard about how rough the crowd is. We're looking forward to the experience.

Q: Do players look forward to that or fear that?

Bell: I think we look forward to it.

Q: Have you ever played in front of 85,000 people before?

Bell: Never.

Q: What was practice like yesterday?

Bell: Well, the past is in the past and we just kind of moved on from it. It was pretty much a regular Sunday practice.

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