Alvin Bowen Transcript

Can the defense continue its solid play this weekend in Lincoln?

Q: Do you think Nebraska sees you as a rivalry? Or, is this a one-sided thing?

Bowen: Probably a one-sided rivalry. They look at us, I guess, they haven't really lost to us much.

Q: Is there extra value in playing Nebraska?

Bowen: I look at it as winning the Big 12. It's time to start cracking the whip.

Q: How does intensity and outlook look now that you're playing games in your conference?

Bowen: Very physical…the Big 12 is a different deal.

Q: Does that help? You have to pull yourself up after a tough loss. Does that help?

Bowen: You go in and go back to the basics and make sure you have those covered. The coaches are great at putting things together. We, as players, need to make plays as they present themselves.

Q: Does that figure in…the defense hasn't gotten a lot of take aways this year and I know you stress that and try to do that…is there something more you can do in that area?

Bowen: Well, we as a defense need to capitalize. We haven't capitalized on enough.

Q: You feel you're in a position to get them?

Bowen: Yeah. The coaches do a great job of putting us in the proper space.

Q: How do you keep focused one day at a time?

Bowen: You can't look ahead. You've got to look at one practice and game at a time. We're trying to stress the little things. It's amazing how when you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.

Q: The only team that's beat Iowa this season is wearing cardinal and gold. Is that a help? Is it demoralizing? When you go into the Big 12, you're now 0-0. Does this team still believe it can win the Big 12 north?

Bowen: I'm not going to predict that, but I believe in…we believe as a team that if we can stay mistake free we can win games. That's a given. If you take the first four games and look, we showed glimpses of being a really good team, but one that's making mistakes that's killing us.

Q: Does this team play to the competition?

Bowen: I don't know how to answer that question. I don't think we play up or down to the competition. We just go out and play. We just need to make more plays. This is not high school anymore. You've got to produce.

Q: Coach said after the game that one of the areas he thought could be better was tackling. How can you assess tackling at this point?

Bowen: We have people that can tackle. I honestly don't know out of all plays, we didn't have anyone that could tie that up.

Q: Do you feel that this is the best offense you'll face this year?

Bowen: I don't know. I'll watch a little bit of film…from what I know, they're a great offense. As long as we go in there and play mistake free, we'll be fine.

Q: Ball State went in there last week and almost pulled a big upset. Does that change your outlook on the team at all?

Bowen: No. We look at them like Nebraska…they're a good team. Upsets don't happen, but Nebraska is a good team.

Q: A lot's been made from Nebraska's west coast offense of throwing the ball to traditionally running over everybody. The last couple years, you've experienced that first hand. You guys have done better defensively this year. Do you think this is a chance to show the improvement and show what kind of defense you are?

Bowen: Yes, there's definitely room for improvement, but we've got to make plays. The improvement with us is making plays. If we don't make plays, you won't see improvement. What we have to do as players is capitalize on what the coaches are doing for us.


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