Brandon Johnson Q&A

The Nebraska native is looking forward to this week's showdown versus the Huskers.

Q: Do you guys find yourselves peeking at schedules?

Johnson: No. We take each game at a time.

Q: You're the Nebraska kid going back to Nebraska. What's that like for you?

Johnson: I'm really excited about it. I know quite a few of the players on the team. It's going to be really fun for me.

Q: Have you been able to get enough tickets?

Johnson: I need a few more, but I've almost got enough.

Q: How many did you need?

Johnson: I think 15 or so.

Q: The offense line really hasn't given up the sacks. Brett's completing a high percentage. Do what do you contribute the offensive line's ability to answer what was the big question mark going into this season.

Johnson: Coach McFarland's taught us a lot of important things. You get out there and you have to know what's happening. We take one play at a time.

Q: Is there a rivalry?

Johnson: I think so. It's not as big as Iowa, but it's still a rivalry.

Q: Do you think they get up for the game as much as Iowa State?

Johnson: I think they do because the past couple years it's always been close games. We challenge them.

Q: Were you recruited by Nebraska?

Johnson: Yes, but with the coaching change…I was offered a walk-on there, but decided to come here. I'm happy with that decision.

Q: So the Callahan regime cooled on you?

Johnson: A little bit. Once I got my offer here, I jumped on it.

Q: How's it been working with Brett Meyer?

Johnson: Really well. Brett's been making sure he lets us know what's happening out there.

Q: Did you have a lot of experience at center prior to this year?

Johnson: One year.

Q: Are there any lessons you learned from watching Stevenson play?

Johnson: Just his intensity. How hard he played.

Q: You guys took a lot of heat going into the season that you weren't going to be that good. Did you guys take that personally?

Johnson: Yeah, we did. The entire offensive line took it personally. After we started going, we lost it and decided we were going to play for ourselves.

Q: Last week it was the deal of staying grounded after a big win. This week it's picking yourselves up after a loss. Is either of those harder than the other?

Johnson: A loss is hard, but you've got to move on. Every loss is hard. You can't stay on it for too long.

Q: As a Nebraska guy, did you dream of playing for the Huskers growing up?

Johnson: Not necessarily. I watched them growing up, but as I got older, I kind of looked around. I wasn't really stuck on playing there.

Q: Is Iowa State a player in the area where you're from? Can Iowa State go in there and pry kids away?

Johnson: I think so. Bates will be a good player. I think we can. The recruiting is so wide anymore.

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