Jesse Smith Q&A

Last week's game against Texas Tech marked the first time that Gene Chizik thought the Cyclones were dominated this season, despite their 1-5 record. Find out if this key defensive starter believes ISU can bounce back this week against Texas.

Q: Talk about what the team needs to do to regroup for the rest of the season.

Smith: I think everybody has to focus on getting better themselves and doing their jobs. You have to focus on the future and not the past.

Q: What are some areas that you need to get better?

Smith: making the tackles in the grass.

Q: As a defense player…this team has had a lot of turnovers…what happens emotionally…why it's so hard to keep the momentum after a turnover?

Smith: It is hard. Like the coaches always say, how sweet it is. You have to turn around and make the stop.

Q: Coach said this was the first time he hadn't seen any improvements on a Saturday. What are you guys doing to make strives to go forward?

Smith: We have to do it on the practice field. That's what we're going to do.

Q: (couldn't hear question)

Smith: It's going to be a good game for him. They're a really good team and we'll have to step up to have a chance.

Q: How are the seniors doing?

Smith: They always say, do it for yourself and do it for the seniors. When I'm a senior, I'll want the underclassmen to play for me. We'll have to step it up.

Q: Coach said he's not going to make any major changes. Do you guys feel that if you keep going with what you have and correct the mistakes, you can beat Texas?

Smith: Oh yeah. The coaches are doing their job and they have an awesome game plan every week. We just got to do our job because they're doing their job.

Q: Would you rather Texas have not lost this weekend?

Smith: It doesn't matter. We'll go in and play our hearts out just like any other week.

Q: If you can get this one against Texas do you think the team can get on a roll?

Smith: Yeah, I think we can. We need that feeling back that we had after the Iowa game. I think we will go on a roll if we get this win.

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