Alvin Bowen Q&A

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Q: What does the team need to do to beat Texas and put the first six games behind them?

Bowen: Stay mistake free. Texas is coming off of two losses and is looking to do somebody really bad. Stay fundamentally sound.

Q: Is the team still in good spirits?

Bowen: You have to. If you let it, you can get in a slump. We still have a chance to pull something out.

Q: Was last Saturday the worst you've played?

Bowen: I wouldn't say it's the worst. We played bad in spurts, but had some good moments. We, as a defense, need to capitalize on mistakes and stop making mistakes.

Q: What are some of the things that you're doing to get the team pumped up?

Bowen: Try to be myself. I see now more than ever that people look at me when I talk and feed off of what I'm saying. I try to say things to get them motivated. The normal things that anybody can say.

Q: This team still believes that if it can beat Texas, it can get on a role. Talk about the confidence the team has.

Bowen: We realize how close we are to being good. Coach says the little things are what's killing us and everyone sees that when we watch film. So many little things are what makes the game.

Q: What does this game mean to you guys given Coach's relationships with Texas?

Bowen: It's another opponent…someone you need to beat.

Q: How's your little brother doing?

Bowen: He got his first victory last Thursday. He's really excited.

Q: Beyond the wins and losses, there's life beyond football…when you look at the guys on the team, they have lives beyond the football. Talk about some of the things beyond the football that reflects the character behind the team.

Bowen: You've got a family oriented team. The older guys call the younger ones their little brothers.

Q: Texas has lost a couple game. Is there ever a good time to play them?

Bowen: I don't think so. As far as for me, I want to play them at their peak…at their best. I love competition. The way college football has gone this year, you never know what will happen.

Q: How's Bibb's adjusting?

Bowen: Bibb is my little brother. He's adjusting well. It's difficult coming from JUCO because you have a lot more freedom. On the football field, you don't have as much responsibility as a scheme defense. Bibb's is used to playing man coverage, here he has to fit into a scheme. As far as campus life, I believe he's having a great time.

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