Iowa State-Texas Tech Quotebook

Iowa State players and coaches comment on Saturday's 31-17 victory over Texas Tech.

Dan McCarney:

"It was 3-3 at halftime and anybody's game. We had a good gut check in the second half. We went out and played a real good second half and ended up winning that half 38-14 and winning the game. I was thrilled to come out of that game and hold Texas Tech to 17 points. They were averaging 38 points."

"Defensively we didn't do much of anything different. We played excellent and held them to three in the first half and did basically the same things in the second half. We tried to keep them guessing all along, whether it's blitz, rush three or rush five. You can't max blitz Kingsbury."

"Offensively we did a better job of executing. We got our running game going. We knew that we had to run the football, then we got a lot of hard, tough yards in the second half. We caught the ball better in the second half, executed and made some more third-down plays. The one 15-play drive was about as good a drive as we've had all year."

"The turnover ratio, we get four of them on defense and give up zero on offense. You've got a chance to win a lot of games in the Big 12 and on any level of Division I if you're taking care of the football and getting turnovers like that."

"Hiawatha had a sore ankle and has been practicing. We held him out of some practices last week and it was sore. He practiced this week, but it was bothering him a little bit. He was not 100 percent and that was why we went with Wags."

"I just said, ‘Score Seneca, score.' You can run that thing back 100 times and never get tired of watching it. He's something special. He's got that cool, calm look about him. It's like no big thing, I just made 11 guys miss me twice out there. It's just Seneca Wallace. It was a great play and was one of the biggest plays in us winning that second half."

"It reminded me a little bit of that Nebraska touchdown a year ago over there when we were trying to come back. It looks like some guys are going to sprain ankles or hips out there trying to tackle him. He's a special athlete and has a great gift."

"It was just us changing it up. I thought John Skladany and our defensive staff did an outstanding job. That's one of the toughest preparations you'll ever have, because of the guy taking the snaps. They've got real good receivers, a great system and one of the better quarterbacks in college football. I think his longest completion was 22 yards, which means keeping them in front of you, tackling them, forcing turnovers, not getting beat deep and playing smart. He's going to get his completions, we had to limit big plays and sure did that tonight."

"They were really closing on the zone fake. It was a great call by Steve Brickey and great execution. You've got a really fine player that's productive every week in Lane Danielsen making a big play."

"That's going to be an amazing challenge. Way back in January when we were finishing our recruiting, going into signing day and knew we were going to be playing the toughest schedule in the history of this place—if somebody would have said you were going to be 6-1 and have a chance to be 7-0 going down to Oklahoma I sure would have taken it."

"Turnovers, good tackling and good breaks. There were many times tonight that I thought our coverage was really good. We came up with some big third down plays. I thought we kept them guessing. Especially in the first half we tried to disguise some things and change it up."

Casey Shelton:

"They called the play, I read it and was working up, then I saw Jamaul out there and that linebacker coming across. I knew I had to go get one of these guys, so I spread my body out because it's hard to make a move on those guys."

"It was everything. We came in at halftime and made the corrections. We knew we had to come out there and keep playing hard."

Zach Butler: "That's what everyone's been pointing towards. It will be a big stretch for us. We're going to have to play some really good football to compete with those guys. I didn't see much of their game today, but it was a close one. They've got two great teams. We're excited for it and will be practicing a little bit harder this week."

Matt Word:

"It was an outstanding defensive effort. The scout team gave us a real good look coming into this week and Coach made a real good game plan. We came out here and wanted to make sure we executed, hustled and tackled. We saw that a lot of teams had been missing tackles in the open field, so they were dumping it off and making big runs. We wanted to make sure we minimized those and got them down when we had them one-on-one for a tackle."

"We did a lot of mixing up and didn't want them to his us big. We wanted to keep them down on the big plays. We knew they were going to make plays and had a real good quarterback and receivers. We just had to make sure that kept it to a minimum."

Mike Wagner:

"I'm not saying we've been struggling to run the ball, but haven't had real good production. That's something we stressed a lot in practice, because if you can run the ball it makes games a lot easier. We've already got a person that can pass."

"I've got to get used to the flow of the game and see how the defense is playing. I need a little bit more plays than everyone else to get going. Hopefully I can turn it on a little faster as we get going down this stretch."

Seneca Wallace:

"I did (think about throwing it out of bounds at first) when I ran over there towards the sideline. When I got the edge, knew that I could get past them and had some blockers out there, I just tried to make a play. I saw on that play that I'd be able to cut back and there were only two people I had to beat. It helped us get some momentum and get our offense going. We needed that one big play to get us going. Once one person makes a play, we feed off of that."

"Everybody's seeing us across the country now. We've had a couple of televised games and played well. Right now we're a legit top 10 team and are going to try our best to stay there."

Lane Danielsen:

"I knew I had a chance if I could get a couple of blocks and make a few guys miss. Jack Whitver and Jamaul Montgomery made some key blocks, I made a couple guys miss and we got lucky. We saw that their defense was playing so aggressive to try and stop us. The defense was flowing so fast on our option. We knew that if Seneca sold it a little bit and we came back the other way we'd get it."

"In the first half we couldn't get anything going at all. We went in at halftime and the coaches told us that we needed to go out there and make plays. We needed a big play like that to get us rolling. Once we did that, it got the crowd into it, got our blood flowing and started rolling."

"We thought that was the biggest play of the offense all night. We took a lot of time off the clock and just controlled the ball, ran the ball, made some key first downs on third down and just kept the ball out of their hands."

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