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"The last time we played Oklahoma, we were expecting them to pass, but they hit us with the rush and a guy ended up having a breakout game."
Cyclone defense needs to be ready for anything this time
Des Moines Register

"I don't think about it much this time of year. I don't. I love this place. When you put as much and invest as much as I have in this program ... I could definitely see myself being at Iowa State for a long time. There's a lot of personal reasons why I want to stay at Iowa State."
McCarney getting noticed on national scale
Ames Tribune

He has gone from being a nobody to being somebody. Heisman voters no longer say "Seneca who?'' but now are saying just "Seneca." No last name necessary.
OU's red-hot Griffin a big part of Cyclones' gameplan
Waterloo Courier

Wallace standout on team-oriented ISU
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"We let Seneca have the spotlight. We're a blue-collar bunch that does what it can to put the ball back in his hands. We like watching him work, too."
Wallace's escapades gets defense overlooked
Quad City Times

"He's every defensive coach's nightmare. He's fabulous with his arm, fabulous with his legs. And he makes great decisions. There's a difference between speed and quickness, but he has them both. He's a play-making fool."
Conference notebook: Wallace's run gains him more Heisman praise

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