Iowa State-Oklahoma Quotebook

Iowa State players and coaches comment on Saturday's 49-3 loss at Oklahoma.


"They had a great game plan and are an outstanding football team, but never in a million years did we envision coming in here and not being able to score some points. We knew it was going to be hard to get first downs and score points, but they totally dominated our offense from start to finish. Nobody on offense played well. We were not able to make plays. We could not establish a good running game. Their defense is about as good as I've coached against and I've been in it a long time."

"Our defense was on the field too long today. We couldn't come up with the plays on third down and only had one turnover on special teams. They were more physical than we were and are a better football team."

"Their secondary broke on the ball about as any secondary I've played against or coached against. We've got some pretty good receivers and a pretty good quarterback, but it didn't look like it today. Oklahoma played fast, with great fundamentals and break on the ball as good as any secondary I've seen."

"If we accept it, it's OK, everything's cool and we go about our business, then we'll get humiliated again next week. But if we accept responsibility and do something to try and fix it. We cannot let this loss cost us two losses and sit around Wednesday and Thursday in depression over how poorly we played and how bad we got beat, then not get ready for the next top-10 team we're playing."

"They played their defense and then came with some safety blitzes from the weak side and strong side. They just did a great job of game planning and carrying it out. Their defensive speed was more than what we could handle. They play physical and sound, but we didn't do a good job of handling their speed."

"It felt like about four hours of football and we were on the bad end of it. It seemed like it would never end and we could not get in sync, first downs and couldn't get off the field defensively. It's a horrible feeling and I'm sick for my football team. But that's really an outstanding football team out there."

"I thought defensively we did get back on track. We had a couple of three-and-outs and real good series. We had a nice drive, took it down and got some points on the board. But then Oklahoma rose back up and started stomping us defensively."

"We thought we could protect and still make plays. There were no false illusions, we knew coming in it would be hard. We still felt we could move it better than that. They really made good plays on the ball. Their DBs and underneath coverage made plays and we didn't."

"They've got a real athletic offensive line, good backs, good schemes and know what they're doing. Hybl is a leader all the way and is playing like a senior. That's a very impressive football team. I didn't see any weaknesses coming into this game and sure didn't see any today."

"It's real demoralizing for your football team when it's 1st-and-goal at the one. I don't remember when that's happened to us. We're pretty effective down there at the goal-line and red zone. It was just a fabulous defensive stand by Oklahoma. It's as good of defense as it gets."


"It was a combination of their speed, aggressiveness, physicalness and intensity. We just couldn't get anything going. We couldn't get a play that would get us going on offense. I could tell (Seneca) was getting frustrated. Sometimes we couldn't get open, the next time he couldn't get protection and the next time he'd get pressured and made a bad throw. We've got to take our hats off to Oklahoma's defense. They played great."

"It was a lot of cover two and their corners were hard on the outside and inside. The safeties were off the whole game. They were getting pressure to Seneca and he couldn't get the ball to us. The way we've played all season, we didn't think anyone could hold us like this."

"I still think we know we're a good football team. In a game like this you've got to learn from it and take responsibility from it. We've got to look on to what we've got. We can still win some football games and know that. We've got to get better this week and come back."


"We got our butts kicked pretty good, but we can't dwell on this game much longer. We've got a tough schedule ahead of us and have to put this thing behind us and get ready for Texas."

"They were pretty fired up and deferred the ball to put their defense out there and that's the strength of their team. They sure showed up today and played pretty well. We didn't play that great on offense and it showed."

"They brought a couple new blitzes that screwed us up a little bit. But we've got to execute and make plays when the plays present themselves. We didn't do that today. We've got to come back focused."


"We didn't get anything going and that's all. They're a tough defense, are fast and everybody notices that, but we didn't execute. We wanted to go out there, move the ball and work on what we've been working on all week."

"It was wet out there and all around tough to play in weather like that. We didn't get anything going. You don't know what to do when things aren't going right. It's tough to bounce back and try to get into a rhythm."

"I don't care (if this effects my Heisman Trophy chances). If it does, it does. I don't give a hoot about no Heisman or what not. If it damages it, it damages it. Who cares? I'll look on to the next game."

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