Ready to Move On

Iowa State coach Dan McCarney spoke with the conference media Monday morning via teleconference two days after his Cyclones fell to Oklahoma 49-3 to fall to 17 in the Associated Press and 18 in the Coaches Polls. Here are some of the highlights of McCarney's teleconference.

Opening comments:

"Oklahoma was just a fantastic football team. Congratulations to Bobby Stoops and the Sooners. They just completely dominated us. They were very impressive in all phases. I didn't see any weaknesses on the Oklahoma football team going into that game and sure don't see any coming out of that game. They're very deserving of any ranking they get in the country."

"It's a hard loss for us, but we've got to put it behind us. As I talk to the kids today and remind them, we're not 2-6, we're 6-2. We have still done a lot of good things this year, but sure didn't look like it on Saturday. They completely out-played us in all phases. We can't sit around and keep worrying about the Oklahoma game. It's all done and behind us."

"Texas is a tremendous football team. Mack Brown has built a dynasty down there. He's a winner and one of the classiest guys in college football. They're definitely a top-10 team. We know Kansas State is a fantastic football team and to go down there and win in Manhattan is a great accomplishment. We're going to have our hands full and hopefully we can bounce back and play much better football on Saturday."

on what specifically Oklahoma's defense did to be so successful:

"They had a lot of pressure. They did some things with their safeties that they hadn't shown us before. They were bringing them from the short side, boundary and wide side. It wasn't just the safety coming, it was the other guys coming after us as well. They really got great pressure on us and we didn't handle it well. It was hard for Seneca to really get settled in and throw the football."

"But the bottom line is their defense played at a different speed than our offense played. We didn't consistently block them. The pressure was there all day. They did a great job. Their defensive speed is fabulous and that secondary is about as good as I've seen and coached against in a long time. They're well coached, play fast and break on the ball. Even when we had a chance to maybe make a completion or get it there, they made tremendous breaks on the ball."

"We didn't convert a third down or fourth down all day. We had been leading the league going into that game in third and fourth down conversions and didn't convert one of them. That gives you an idea of how bad we were and how good they were."

on his thoughts of rushing offense coming out of Saturday:

"We've got a lot of room to improve there. It makes it hard when we say we've got to come back rushing better, and here we turn right around and face a Texas defense that's fourth in the Big 12 and tremendous against the rush. Overall they're ranked in the top five in the country in three categories. It makes it especially hard. We have a lot of room to improve there. We've got five games to get it better, improve and take some pressure off of having to throw the football to win games."

on team's overall success in recent years playing on the road:

"We weren't much of an example of being able to play on the road. If you've got a good football team, which I thought we had, think we do and believe we do, you enjoy going on the road in those atmospheres where it's you against the world and us against the world. But it was really ugly on Saturday. That's due to the great job that Oklahoma did with their players, coaches, fans and atmosphere. Your focus has to be tremendous when you go into environments like that. That's about as loud a stadium as I've been in on Saturday. Those fans did a fabulous job of helping their team."

on his approach with Seneca Wallace this week:

"I'll pull him aside and talk to him, but I do that all the time anyway just to visit with him. He's a fabulous young man and a great competitor. We're not going to wait for any sympathy cards and there can't be any self-pity in the program with Seneca or anybody else. It's time to move on. We've got a lot to play for and many rewards still out there available in the next five games if we can find a way to win some games."

more on offense's play Saturday:

"We didn't think it was going to be a track meet when we got into that game. We were putting up a lot of points through the first seven games of the season pretty consistently. We thought we could move the ball, get some first downs and have a chance to score some points. That was non-existent. We didn't do anything well. Our execution versus their pressure was really poor. We've been outstanding all year from a turnover-ratio standpoint, but got one and lost three. We were non-existent from an execution standpoint with our offense."

on Texas' defense versus Oklahoma's:

"Their defenses are the same thing to me. It's scary. Texas is really outstanding and has great talent as they always do. They're well coached, give you lots of different looks and bring people from a lot of different looks from their defense. Plus it's one of the greatest atmospheres in all of college football down there in Austin. It's a tough battle, but I'm not waiting for any sympathy cards."

on what other teams could take from Sooners' defensive scheme against ISU:

"They're all going to be tough and everybody knows he's the key to our offense. Now Oklahoma has done a fantastic job of shutting him and our offense down. There hadn't been any of that this year. We sure haven't been going up and down the field on every possession, but we've consistently each game done some good things offensively until Saturday. They just completely shut us down. That gives everybody else hope that they can do the same thing and keep us from scoring any points on them."

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