Tuesday's Iowa State sports links

"They threw Ricky Williams out of the Heisman Trophy race a couple times. Seneca will be back in the Heisman race before the season's over. He's that good."
Wallace still getting high marks for college football's top award
Des Moines Register

Eilers enters plea on drug charges
Des Moines Register

"We've got to learn from our mistakes and let it go. If you dwell in the past, the future's gonna hit you in the face. You've gotta let this go, forget about this, move on and focus on Texas."
Cyclones move past Norman freak show
Waterloo Courier

Longhorns score Cyclone coaching staff
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Road doesn't get any easier for Iowa State
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Their defense is scary. Not only do they have outstanding talent, but they will give you a lot of different looks."
Texas, Oklahoma defenses have some similarities
Quad City Times

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