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"All those things have been dissected in the last few days. We have to do better and I have to do better and our players have to do better."
Red Zone has become place of horrors for ISU
Des Moines Register

"If you look at last year's marquee players, the teams hit the hardest are Baylor, Oklahoma and Iowa State."
Many Big 12 WBB teams take graduation hits
Des Moines Register

"He's made a lot of progress. We're going to get him in the game in the first half. That I can promise you. We're not giving up on Wags or Hiawatha (Rutland), but BT is going to get a chance to play this week."
Thompson juices up rushing attack
Ames Tribune

"This kid, when he came in, he acted like he was a fifth-year senior. Being a freshman, 18 years old, coming out and playing every game like he's been doing, his hard work is funneling down to the team. It's incredible how young he is and how much he knows about the game and what he gives to win."
Mizzou quarterback upgrades team's offense
Ames Tribune

"There's a real good chance you're gonna see Brian in the game second in the game Saturday. He will be in the game in the first half -- whether it's two snaps or 20, I don't know. But my gut feeling Tuesday would be to start Mike Wagner, get B.T. ready and Hiawatha Rutland ready to go."
Third-stringer Thompson added to backfield rotation
Waterloo Courier

Telephone Trophy adds extra incentive to Mizzou-ISU series
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Thompson to get more action Saturday
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I'm not going to say we're going to challenge for the Big 12 championship this year. I like to think we can be a team that plays meaningful games in February."
Kerkhoff: ISU women trying to return to old form
Kansas City Star

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