Iowa State-Missouri Quotebook

Iowa State players and coaches react to Saturday's 42-35 victory over Missouri.

Dan McCarney:

"It was tremendous character from our football team. Seneca was almost unbelievable, with seven yards short of 500 yards offense. He's just an amazing football player and I'm really proud of him. The character that we showed late in the game is what this team is all about. There was a lot of resolve and courage. It was an outstanding game. If you're a fan and had a good heart, it would be fun to watch. If you didn't have a good heart, it'd be hard on you."

"I'm glad to be bowl eligible for the third year in a row and first time in school history. We're still very much in the race for the Big 12 North and we're going to do all that we can to pick up where we left off today and continue to have more success."

"I thought our backs ran hard. The offensive line did a good job. We were finishing our blocks and the backs ran real hard. Wags and B.T. did a nice job running the football. We had to have some running game. Going into this game we felt like we could throw, catch and protect, but we had to have some kind of running game. It really made a difference in the second half."

"He's had so many great ones. He made some timely runs and timely scrambles. We had a couple of quarterback draws. Protection overall was real good. His accuracy today was real phenomenal. Whether it was in the pocket, broken play, naked boot or getting outside, he was on the money. With the exception of a couple throws, I just thought he was a sensational player."

"We had to do a better job and had to answer that with some plays. If somebody is going to come at you with something, you've got to have an answer. If they're going to blitz you at one certain position or come from the edge, obviously they're not as strong at another position on their defense. It's a chess game as always. I thought our coaches did a real good job of making adjustments and Seneca was phenomenal."

"I said going into the season that it's the best group of receivers we've had since I've been here and you saw it again today. With the exception of the Oklahoma game, I think our receivers have played outstanding football all year. Our receivers did a great job for us today."

"We challenged him and tried to match him up as much as we could. Gage is a future NFL player and is a tremendous athlete. Overall, Atif was outstanding. He rose to the challenge and played his tail off."

"We felt very confident and knew what the challenge was. It's a tie game and let's go down there and ice it with a field goal or touchdown. Obviously a touchdown makes it harder on Missouri to come back and win the football game. I thought there was a lot of confidence and no panic by coaches or players. The execution was outstanding."

"We were trying to score and challenged the offensive line. The last time we came to the sideline, that's what we told them. ‘We do not want to go on the field for a field goal. Let's not take the chance on a bad snap, hold, block or anything like that. Let's knock it in the end zone and try to ice the game.' We sure did that and our defense rose up on the final series."

"I was disappointed he came up seven yards short of 500 yards offense. The guy is unbelievable. I don't know about all that other stuff and don't concern myself with it. But I don't know on any one day there's been a guy more important to his football team than what you saw from Seneca today."

"You saw a punt return for touchdown and punt block on a punt safe. It's real disappointing. But the bottom line is we made more plays, that's how we won the game. We showed a lot of character and made more plays. Sometimes you win with high scoring and sometimes with low scoring. Sometimes you play outstanding in all phases and sometimes in the end you just had to make more plays. We played good enough defense to win. It's not what we want, but we did get a W. That's the most important thing."

"When you see the guy put up almost 400 yards offense running and throwing against Oklahoma's offense. The final stats overall we contained him fairly well. But he can throw the football and he can take it the distance as he did last week 75 yards on a quarterback draw."

"It was a great victory for us and we needed it badly. Anybody in the Big 12 can get anybody else. It's a phenomenal league and the best conference in college football. This conference is special, no doubt about it."

Mike Wagner:

"In the previous weeks we haven't been able to get it done in the red zone. We were moving the ball and knew we were going to get our chance down there. We just decided there was no way we were going to be denied. Everyone looked at each other in the eyes and knew we needed this touchdown."

"Maybe it was something wrong with them. Maybe they started over-pursuing. I guess they were probably worried about Seneca a little bit, because he was taking the ball and running. Maybe they were over-pursuing one way and then I caught off the back edge and was there for some yards."

"Everyday in practice, Coach stresses running to the ball. I always seem to be the last dude on that side. That's two games in a row I've happened to be the last guy running to the ball. He looked at me, knew there was no way out of it and there it was."

"He's liable to do anything. The only thing that would surprise me is if he would do a flip in a game." "It was ‘how do you want to be remembered, good or great?' To come all the way to the goal-line with 30 seconds left, a great team has got to make that play. That's what we decided to do."

Lane Danielsen:

"The last drive showed the character and resolve of this team. Coming off of two straight losses on the road to top-10 teams, this Missouri game was something we felt like we had to win to go to postseason play. That last drive summed it up for us. We came in the huddle, knew that we needed to get it done and got it done."

"In my opinion he's the greatest player in college football right now. Whatever happened at Oklahoma or Texas, he's my favorite guy and I'm glad we've got him. You guys can be the judge of (him being a Heisman candidate). Almost 500 yards of total offense, breaking a school record and making some key runs when we needed it more than anything."

Chris Whitaker:

"We didn't execute how we wanted to, but the main goal was to get a win today and that's what we got. "We didn't play well overall, but we made plays when we needed to. Sometimes it's not how you draw it up or practice it, but a win is a win. That's what we really needed at this point in time and get back to that winning feeling."

Atif Austin:

"The balls he caught were screen passes and five-yard stops, stuff that I can't get to real quick. I thought I played him pretty good. He got me on a slant and go. I was disappointed with myself on that one, but other than that I was over him all day. I guess they saw how I was locking him down and they started going the other way, because Outlaw had a real good day."

Seneca Wallace:

"I guess I play better when I'm sick, kind of like Michael Jordan does. We all came together and played well. The offensive line played well and the receivers played well. It was a good game for us."

"We knew that we could move the ball and if it came down to it and it was the last drive, we knew we had to get some points out of it. That's what we tried to do."

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