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"We're still probably going to do what we've been doing - run the ball to keep the defense honest. But I'm sure there will be some passes mixed in, too."
Cyclones hopeful rush attack will be in Saturday's arsenal
Des Moines Register

"That's the marketplace, and we should try to be competitive. Our goal is to try to be competitive with the average successful coach from a BCS conference."
Pay increase probability for McCarney
Des Moines Register

"I want to be here. I want to stay. I'm looking forward to it. We just want to be taken care of."
Both McCarney, Ferentz try to diffuse rumors
Quad City Times

"We didn't give him a chance to do much, obviously. From a standpoint of going in and doing what was asked of him, and not doing anything dumb, and getting the snap, and those basic elements that you have to go through when you're a young kid playing for the first time, he handled them well."
Former ISU quarterback could make first NFL start Sunday
Quad City Times

"Number one, they put an outstanding team on the field. They have tremendous talent. They have tremendous team speed and they're well-coached. They play with a passion. That's always a thing you want a team to do. There's such continuity in the program. They play with such confidence all the time."
Mac weighs in on Snyder, Kansas State
Waterloo Courier

"We're not going to just try to contain him. We want to stop him. We're not in it for moral victories."
Wildcats focused no ISU's Wallace
Kansas City Star

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