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"We get every ounce out of every minute of the day that we can possibly get. There's a lot of people who work these long hours, but waste a few minutes. We maximize everything. We take it to the extreme."
Elliott takes work ethic to Manhattan
Des Moines Register

"How much more are we willing to pay? When have we paid enough? Why are we always deciding that the only way to keep someone in this state is to pay them more money?"
Sparks fly over ISU's proposed pay increase for Mac
Des Moines Register

"We have a major rebuilding effort in that we have to replace 50 percent of the team, which means we're going to have to work our fannies off to get back to respectability. It's going to be a tremendous challenge for our coaching staff and for our team."
New era begins for Cyclone wrestling
Des Moines Register

"You never like to lose people like we lost, but realistically, time moves on and our program will continue to move on and we have to rely on the people we have on hand."
Patience virtue for Douglas
Quad City Times

Cyclone punt returner looms large in spite of small frame
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Major task awaits Sanderson-less ISU
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I want to be in there every chance I can to help the team. So unless it's something that's really hindering my play, I don't want to come out."
Carstens gets high marks for his hard play
Omaha World Herald

"That (1999 game) just proved they knew how to win, and we didn't. I want to beat every team we play. But I really want to win this game. Bad. I'm tired of losing to them."
Wildcats have had ISU's number in recent years
Kansas City Star

Iowa State-Kansas State pregame capsule
Kansas City Star

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