Iowa State-Kansas State Quotebook

Iowa State players and coaches react to Saturday's 58-7 loss at Kansas State.


"Kansas State was just an outstanding football team today. On the day that we played them, I thought that was the best team we've played all year. They were dominant on both sides of the ball and in all phases. It's very uncharacteristic of our football team. We've been one of the top teams in the country protecting the football and getting turnovers. We turned it over six times today and had been the least-penalized team in the Big 12 through three months of football. The flags never stopped dropping today."

"We've got to put this one behind us as fast as we can. We'll grade it and correct it. We've still got the chance at nine wins, but it's going to be very tough going out to Boulder. But this is not a 2-9 football team, it's a 7-4 football team although it didn't look like that today."

"I thought we had great preparation and practices, but were just dominated from start to finish today. The schedule is not going to change, we're going to go to Boulder and have one more game at home. We've got to do our best to get a couple more wins going into the postseason."

"Those were just bad throws. It was a bad day for Seneca and our team. Those were outstanding plays by their defense. But we knew that coming in. They're nationally ranked in the top three or four in the country in scoring offense and scoring defense. It's hard to imagine that team losing two games this year watching them play. They're a great football team in all phases."

"The personnel, those guys playing across from us, have to do a lot with it. I think they're an outstanding team. They're fast, physical, strong and have playmakers. They're in a great system and are well coached. That's tough to coach and play against."

"It didn't look like our football team out there, but give respect to Kansas State. We need to take responsibility and will go through the tapes and learn from it. Hopefully we can finish strong with our next two games."

"Defensively, we missed some tackles. That really hurt. We had a couple of mental errors that really hurt us and they really executed. The throw to the tight end got out of the gate and really hurt at the time. Then the turnovers—we really haven't had to overcome those in a game this year. It doesn't even look like our football team out there. Six turnovers, we have gone six games and not had six turnovers, much yet in one day."

"Tony was extremely inconsistent last week and hurt our football team with low kicks and no hang time. We tried them out this week and Blank did a better job. With the exception of one punt that was kind of a shank and dropping the snap, I thought he did some real good things. He's got good potential."


"It didn't feel like us at all. We came out and tried to start fast, but put the defense in bad positions, turned the ball over and couldn't get anything going. We couldn't a break the whole game."

"They come out here and seem to play their best football of the year against us. We seem to play about our worst. I don't know if it's a matchup thing or mental thing. For me it's a red-letter game. We just came out and couldn't get it done. It felt like we were playing uphill the whole game. Every time we looked around it's 2nd-and-35. We kept getting penalties and turning the ball over. That's a big part of this game."


"The refs were watching us closely today and called a lot of fouls on us. We were one of the least penalized teams in the country. That's unlike us and really hurt. We've got to refocus and not make those types of penalties. That hurts you on long runs and stalls drives."


"They came out ready to play and we didn't. It's as simple as that. We beat ourselves in many areas. They came out ready to play, that's all. We would do well at times, but kept killing ourselves. We had mental breakdowns on simple stuff and they played really well. That's how football goes."


"It's tough to lose like this. This week is really going to show the character of this team and what we're really made of. Hopefully we can come back and have a good week of preparation and be ready to play a good team. That's about all we can do."


"I just played sorry. I played bad. I take full responsibility for what happened today. It shouldn't have been that bad. I made a lot of mistakes that I should not have made and they capitalized on it. They had a good gameplan and played what we were trying to do pretty well. Basically, I just played sh$@&y."

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