Lichtenberg Living A Dream

It has now been almost a month since offensive tackle Kyle Lichtenberg committed to Iowa State but the excitement has still not worn off.

"It really feels great and I'm so glad I got it out of the way," said Lichtenberg. "I know Iowa State is the right place for me because it has always been my dream school. It's like a dream come true."

Kyle is also happy to continue the Cyclone tradition within his family. "It's exciting because my mom (Diane) played volleyball there and is in the Women's Hall of Fame and my dad (Mark) played football there."

Lichtenberg also stated that he consistently is in touch with his future coaches. "I just recently called Coach Fountain just to check in and see how things are going," he said. "I sometimes talk with Coach Chizik but mostly with Coach McFarland. He's a lot of fun to talk to and in fact we don't even always talk about football. We'll talk about everyday stuff like fishing and other things."

The Bettendorf (IA) High School star also mentioned that he could be heading up to Ames during the summer. "They have encouraged me to come up to one of the camps so I can get some coaching," he said. "I also just want to continue to get to know the staff better."

The 6-foot-6, 245-pound Lichtenberg is also excited to make some improvements over the summer. "I am looking to get stronger and quicker. I just want to become even more explosive," he said. "I'd also like to maybe add around 10 pounds of weight if possible but I'm not too concerned with it right now. I know that once I get to Iowa State that I can focus more on putting extra weight on."

Kyle also added that football clearly wasn't the only reason he chose Iowa State. "I'm really excited about their engineering program," he said. "It's one of the things that I've wanted to go into for a while so that made it a great fit."

He plans on hopefully getting to a few games in the fall but won't make his official visit until after his high school season is over. "I'm going to wait until after the season so that I can spend a few days up there with the players and coaches."

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