Thames Down to Two Schools

Many schools are still calling but Pleasant Grove (CA) High School point guard Xavier Thames is only thinking about two schools. "It's definitely down to just two schools. I'll be choosing either Iowa State or Washington State."

The 6-foot-3, 177-pound guard feels his decision will likely be made by the end of the month. "I would say that I will probably be making the decision in the next two or three weeks so it will probably me made before the end of June," he said. "I'll be talking it over with my dad and just taking in all the factors and then I will make my decision."

Thames is looking at a variety of criteria but a few things will weigh heavier on his mind. "I think playing time is important because I really want to be able to play some as a freshman and also just how I relate to the coaching staff and what the support system is like."

One Iowa State player that Thames has become friends with is Craig Brackins who is also from California. "We have a real good relationship and probably talk about once a month. He's a real good guy who tells me about all the great things at Iowa State."

Along with making a decision on a future college, Thames will also be very busy on the court this summer. "My AAU Team (Compton Magic) will be playing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles tournaments and this weekend I'll be playing on a National Team in Portland."

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