Blessington Looking For Productive Summer

Southern Cal (IA) High School offensive tackle Mark Blessington is very close to getting his first scholarship offer. "A lot of schools have told me to come to their camps and that if I play well that they will likely offer," he said. "I was just at UNI today and their offensive line and tight end's coach told me that there was a chance I might be getting an offer soon."

The 6-foot-5, 275-pound Blessington feels the next few weeks could really change his recruitment. "I'll will be attending camps at Iowa, Kansas, Iowa State, South Dakota State, and Kansas State," he said. "My hope is that I can pick up some scholarships by playing well."

Mark feels he has developed a very solid relationship with the Cyclones staff already. "I have talked to Coach Chizik back at Junior Day and he told me that he was very interested and then he told my parents to make sure I came to their camp this summer," he said. "However, I mostly talk with Coach Koonz and I really enjoy our conversations. He said they are recruiting me as an offensive tackle and that if I play well at their camp that they might give me an offer."

Along with Junior Day, Blessington also got to take in some of Iowa State's spring practices. "I went to about 3 or 4 practices," he said. "I liked it a lot and the coaches were really nice. I also thought the academic facilities were great."

If Mark does get the right offer his decision will likely come during the fall. "I want to try and get it done before my senior season starts so I can just enjoy my last year of school."

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