Post Spring Breakdown: Running Backs

Today we continue breaking down the Iowa State offense with Coach Robert McFarland and unlike the quarterback position, spring practices did lead to a starter being named at running back.

According to McFarland, sophomore Alexander Robinson's freshman season could be best described as a roller coaster. "We felt out of camp that he played like a typical freshman. He was very tentative and wasn't playing at full speed," he said. "So we were more comfortable going with the other guys but when he got the chance later in the year, he really took off."

What makes McFarland so happy is that Robinson is not satisfied and is only looking to get better. "He carried his outstanding play right into the spring," he said. "Since he was so great during the spring, he has clearly established himself as the starter at running back."

When asked who is No.2 on the depth chart, McFarland was quick to respond. "Jason Scales is our No.2 guy and we feel very confident with him in the game," he said. "He is kind of a different back in that he gives us a little more power as he tries to run through people. His strength and conditioning have gotten a lot better."

The third spot on the depth chart has not been decided yet. "The status of J.J. Bass still has not been determined by Coach Chizik. If he gets himself cleared then he will be the No.3 guy heading into the fall," said McFarland. The other player who will get a shot at the No.3 spot is an incoming freshman. "We are really excited about Jeremiah Schwartz who is more along the lines of Jason (Scales)," he said. "He is clearly ready physically for Big 12 football but is he ready for game action is the question that we will have to find out."

Even though he will be sitting out the upcoming season after transferring from the University of Florida, Bo Williams also made quite an impression during the spring. "He has a lot of speed and really showed his talent. I think he's going to be a great leader on our team as the players really took to him," said McFarland. "He'll be a real positive influence even though he has to sit out this year."

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