Buckley Feels Cyclones Will Shock People

Incoming freshman point guard Dominique Buckley feels that Iowa State will be the sleeper team in the Big 12 next year.

"I think we will shock a lot of people next year," he said. "Some people expect us not to do well because we are young but we have a lot of talent and love playing together. I fully expect us to do big things."

If the Cyclones are to do big things next year, Dominique won't shy away from helping lead the way. "I really want to be a leader here. It's no disrespect to the older guys because I really look up to them but it's just in my personality to be a leader," said Buckley. "I love to communicate and if needed I'm willing to take initiative to do anything to help our team win."

Buckley says that even though he has only been on campus for days, he feels the team is really bonding. "It's been really great so far. All of us freshmen are hanging out and playing a lot of basketball together," he said. "The open gym games that we are having are getting better and really intense."

Dominique also got to play in a Capital City Summer League game and really enjoyed it. "It was a great experience but we lost by two points," he said. "I made a shot at the buzzer that I thought was a game winner but the referee ruled that it came too late."

Throughout the open gym games and his one summer league game Dominique has noticed what he needs to work on as a basketball player. "The first thing I have to do is get back in game shape," he said. "I have to continue to get a lot quicker and a lot stronger to compete with some of these big guys. My first step isn't as quick as I want it to be."

While Buckley is really enjoying his experience at Iowa State, he is realizing how big a change it is to be away from home. "I couldn't have asked for more. I'm here with a great coaching staff and I'll do anything that Mac (Iowa State Head Coach Greg McDermott) wants me to do," he said. "But this has definitely been a big change for me leaving home. I'm ready to become more independent and I realize that I'm going to have to grow up fast. It also helps to have great teammates. Craig (Brackins) and Diante (Garrett) are really helping me out with everything."

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