Post Spring Breakdown: Secondary

The area on the Iowa State football team that will experience the least change will be the defensive secondary.

According to defensive coordinator Wayne Bolt, the spring practices just confirmed how strong they likely wil be in the upcoming season. "There's no question that they are the most experienced part of our defense. They have a lot more confidence now," he said. "They didn't know what to expect last year and now they have higher expectations. They want to help our defense become the best in the Big 12."

Returning as starters will be Allen Bell and Chris Singleton. " I thought they both had great springs for us. Allen is really becoming a shut down corner and Chris we feel be very good this ear." Two sophomores will likely back them up. "Devin McDowell and Zac Sandvig played well in the spring and should be in the mix," said Bolt.

The safety position will likely once again see Chris Brown and James Smith as the two starters. "I feel that they did a nice job but I also think that (Steve) Johnson will be a factor for us," he said. Also backing up at safety will be Brandon Hunley.

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