Iowa State Offers 2010 Recruit

One of the best players at Iowa State's Elite Basketball Camp this weekend was Lutheran (WI) High School's Chim (T.J.) Kadima. The 2010 recruit played so well that he left Ames with his second scholarship offer.

"He got an offer from UW-Green Bay a year ago but he was really happy about the offer from Iowa State," said Biaya Kadima (Chim's brother). "He really did great during the weekend. I think they really loved him."

Biaya also feels that Iowa State offers the type of things that Chim and his family are looking for in a school. "Iowa State is a good school, it has a good location, and it's in a great conference," he said. "He told me they are definitely on his radar after this weekend."

Kadima is back on the court for the first time in just over a year due to a tough injury he suffered last June. "He suffered a broken tibia last summer and so he sat out his entire sophomore season," said Biaya. "His surgeon cleared him to play in January but we felt for the long haul that it would be better that he wait until the spring for him to start playing."

He said that if he had to compare his brother's game to one player it would be Utah Jazz star Deron Williams. "He's now a 6-5 point guard but he's really a combo guard," he said. "I just think he compares to Williams with how he can penetrate, shoot, dish, and elevate."

Biaya said that his brother is also hearing from Louisville, Arizona State, and Marquette and feels that it will be a while before he makes any kind of final decision. "He's definitely going to wait and weigh his options," he said. "He probably won't make a final decision until late next summer."

For the rest of the summer, Kadima will be very busy. "He plays for the Playground Warriors AAU Team and he has three big events coming up," he said. "They go to Nebraska over the 4th of July weekend and then they will be at the Kentucky Hoops Fest and be going to Las Vegas for the Big Time Tournament."

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