Hicks Excited About Opportunity at Iowa State

Trying to block Big 12 defensive linemen will be nothing compared to what Antelope Valley College star offensive lineman Hayworth Hicks has been through lately.

"I've had some real hard times back home because we lost our home recently," said Hicks. "I was kind of homeless for a little bit just staying with some friends. I came here to Iowa State exactly at the right time."

The 6-foot-3, 345-pound offensive tackle will have three years of eligibility left after spending one year at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California. "I was originally going to Nevada out of high school but I didn't qualify until real late," he said. "They wanted me to grey-shirt my first year but I didn't want to do that so I headed to Antelope for one year."

In his only year at Antelope, Hicks was named to the Foothill 1st Team All-Conference Team. "He has the potential to be a dominant player," said Antelope Valley Head Coach Perry Jehlicka. "If he takes advantage of his situation at Iowa State, he's got the potential to play in the NFL."

Jehlicka also feels Hicks is one of the strongest players that he has ever coached. "He's just so strong and physically talented. He was our best offensive lineman and he just got better every day," said Jehlicka. "The sky is the limit for Hayworth."

According to Hicks, it was Jehlicka's relationship with Iowa State assistant coach Shane Beatty that led to Iowa State's interest in him. "They used to coach together (Reedley College) and so my coach called him and we set up the visit."

Hicks said his visit to Ames in May sealed the deal for Iowa State. "I liked everything when I came out for my visit. There was nothing I didn't like," he said. "It's really cool out here and the people are really nice. It's kind of like home except there is no desert."

Hayworth is also not coming to Iowa State to sit. "I'm not planning to red-shirt because I don't like watching. Coach Chizik said that they didn't recruit me this late to have me sit," said Hicks. "He told me that it's all about competition and I'm real excited. I'm trying to get in the starting line-up and I have big plans. I just can't wait until we start two-a-days."

Hicks says that he would prefer to play left tackle but that he is willing to adjust to another position. "My goal is to start at left tackle but I'll play any position he puts me at including guard," he said. "Playing left tackle just comes naturally for me and I've never played right tackle."

Hayworth says he is taking two summer classes and that after some hard times back home that he is adjusting well to Iowa State. "I room with Rashawn Parker and Jerrod Black and they're really great guys," said Hicks. "They know how things go so they are helping me out a lot."

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